PURE by gurpreet singh bhamber

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
a love story happened without spoken a single word!!

Submitted: September 23, 2012

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Submitted: September 23, 2012






 Ludhiana railway station is always crowded. Trains come and go. Large numbers of passengers are always waiting for them. Mr. Mehta is going to New Delhi today for his important business deal. Srinivasan is on his trip of Punjab. He is going to see Golden Temple at Amritsar. After that he will go back to Tamil Nadu. Raghu as always is busy in selling his tea to the passengers who are sitting in the trains as well as waiting on the platforms. Ticket Checker Pritam Singh Ji is checking the tickets of the passengers. Balraj Singh is in hurry because his train is going to leave the platform soon. Kanha, a small boy is selling the coconuts to the passengers.

It is the month of June. North India is sitting on fire. The temperature given in the news is more than 48 degree. This is the hottest day for the last five years. There are no chances of rain in the near future. People are fed up from the regular power cuts. Today is Thursday. Weekend is near. Four boys plan to spend their weekend in Manali. They are best friends. Their names are Pardeep, Gurpreet, Naveen and Rakesh.

“It’s too hot today yaar.” Naveen says.

“I told you to cancel this trip.” Pardeep says, “I am feeling sick.”

He is looking a bit frustrated. Gurpreet is sitting beside him. He is always quite. Looking around, don’t know what he is trying to find.

“Don’t worry my brother from another mother!” Naveen says, “The place where we are going is heaven on earth man! You will feel relax there.”

“I think I will die before reaching.” Pardeep says.

Rakesh comes. He has got the tickets. They have to go to platform no. 5. Their train is coming there. So they pick up their bags and start moving.

“Hey I am hungry yaar.” Rakesh says.

“Come let’s go to that coffee shop.” Rakesh offers to his friends.

“We have time?” Naveen says.

“No!! I am not hungry!! Let’s go to the platform!” Pardeep is angry now.

“Come on Pardeep, it will not take much time man.” Rakesh says.

It is 1:30 pm in the afternoon. The sun is shining in the center of the sky. It looks like a dirty place to be. This coffee shop is not cleaned for long time for sure. They buy some snacks and cold drinks for them from there.

While they are drinking their cold drinks a small push to Gurpreet and his Pepsi bottle is broken. But who is this person? This person does not know how to walk? Gurpreet see behind him. It is a young and beautiful girl who does this. She sees towards Gurpreet and says sorry to him only through her expressions. She is with a fat man. He is looking his father. May be her uncle. They are buying tickets from the counter.

“Wao!! What a beauty man!” Pardeep says.

“Look at him now!” Naveen says, “Now you are not tired?”

“Who will be tired after seeing Manali on this railway station man!” Pardeep says.

Naveen and Rakesh start laughing on this. Gurpreet is quite but looking towards that girl continuously. She is really beautiful. Long black hairs, a good looking figure, sweet smile, wearing traditional Punjabi dress, she is looking like an angel to Gurpreet.

“She is beautiful.” Gurpreet says.

“Then let’s follow her.” Naveen says.

“You idiot, can’t you see that old fat ghost with her!” Rakesh says.

“Looks like her father man.” Pardeep says.

Then she suddenly disappears from their eyes.

“Congratulations to all.” Pardeep says, “She is gone.”

They all start laughing on this again. But then she comes back to the counter again. May be she forget to take something from there. She takes her thing and looks at Gurpreet for a micro second. Gurpreet is also looking towards her.

“Man she is looking at me!” Pardeep says.

“No she looked at me!!” Naveen says.

“ABE TERI BHABI HAI!! (She is your sister-in-law)” Rakesh says.

And they start following her. Gurpreet doesn’t say anything but he feels somewhere inside him that she looked at him.

All the four are now following her. She goes to a lady. That lady is looking like her mother. She takes water from the bag and starts drinking. The fat old man is sitting and reading newspaper.

“Now you see what I do.” Pardeep says.

He goes from there towards that girl.

“What he is doing?” Naveen says.

“Just ready to run if anything goes wrong.” Rakesh says and both other friends laugh on this.

Pardeep goes near to that girl. He walks here and there for some time. She is reading a magazine during this time. Pardeep makes certain voices to attract her attention. But she does not see towards him. He comes back frustrated.

“She is not interested man.” Pardeep says.

Naveen and Rakesh are laughing on him. Then all of them go back to their platform. Their train is arrived. All the three are talking and busy in their own stuff but Gurpreet is still thinking about that girl. Did she look at him?

“I am coming in a minute.” Says Gurpreet and goes out of the train.

He runs towards the same place where he saw that girl last time. But when he reaches there, he finds that there is nobody now. He sees all around him but he cannot find the girl. On the other hand, his train to Manali is about to leave. Naveen calls Gurpreet to come back since he does not have time. Gurpreet cuts the phone and decides to go back. But suddenly he sees her in the crowd. She also sees him. She looks at Gurpreet again. As if she wants to meet him. Gurpreet goes behind her. She is moving towards her train. But meanwhile she is looking towards Gurpreet again and again.

But it was too crowded area. Gurpreet loses her again. Now there are only trains around her and the passengers. She is nowhere. Gurpreet’s phone rings again. Naveen tells him that he is going to miss the train.

“You are an idiot.” Naveen tells him, “Where are you? What you are doing?”

“I am coming Naveen.” Gurpreet says and cuts the phone.

He goes back. Fortunately he takes his train. They all are sitting together. Naveen, Rakesh and Pardeep are playing with their mobiles but Gurpreet is seeing outside the window and smiling. He is looking happy. When he cut the phone of Naveen he saw that the girl was standing in the door of the train and was looking all around. When she saw at Gurpreet in the crowd she smiled at him. Gurpreet also smiled at her. Then they kept on looking towards each other for some time. Gurpreet told her through his actions that she is beautiful. She smiled and looked as if she was shy. Then she said thank you to Gurpreet. Train started with the green light. She waved a “good bye” to Gurpreet. Gurpreet also waved “Good Bye” to her. She kept on looking towards Gurpreet until he was not gone away from her eyes.

Gurpreet does not know where she has gone? He does not know what is her name? He is not sure whether they will ever meet again? No phone number exchange, no flirting, no eve teasing, and they both are in love. Such a pure feeling is this through which Gurpreet is going. This may be called the purity of love.


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A short story by Gurpreet Singh Bhamber

Characters- Gurpreet, Naveen, Pardeep, Rakesh and The girl.

Synopses- a love story happened on a crowded railway station.


© Copyright 2020 Gurpreet Singh Bhamber. All rights reserved.

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