RELATIONSHIPS FOR SALE by gurpreet singh bhamber

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

the truth of the crowd around us!



A short story by Gurpreet Singh Bhamber


Darshan Singh was dead today. He was 75 years old. According to doctors, he was suffering from Pneumonia. Due to late treatment, his disease took his life. His son, Mahavir Singh was a carpenter earning 7,000 Rs. Per month. He had “five” girl children. It was very difficult for him to earn the desired amount to fulfill his basic needs. He wanted a boy but every time it was a girl. Waiting for a son and six daughters in his courtyard. Mahavir was just waiting for his father to die. It became very difficult for him to look after his father.

Sandeep Kaur was waiting for the train. It was two hours late. She was flying to New York tomorrow. She had to catch a flight from New Delhi. She killed her father. She was in love with a boy and her father was against their marriage. The boy told her that once she will go from India after the murder, nobody will be able to catch her. She gave poison to her father by mixing it in milk. Eagerly waiting for her train, she was thinking about her father’s past.

Gurpreet Singh was standing in the hospital. He was waiting for his mother’s dead body. His mother died last night. She was ill for the last one week. Gurpreet Singh came to meet his mother after one month. He was worried about her because she was not picking up the phone. When he came to her house, and knocked at the door, nobody opened. He then broke the door and went inside. His mother was lying fainted on the bed.

Mahavir Singh was shocked when he came to know that his father has not left anything for him. He never had good relations with his father. He was although the only child on his parents but yet his father hated him. They loved him and never said anything to him while he was growing up. And by the time they noticed that they should do something, their son was gone from their hands.

“I could have strict with him in the past but now the time has passed. Nothing can be done now.” Darshan singh used to think.

Somebody suggested him once,

“If you take my suggestion Darshan, do your son’s marriage. He will understand his responsibilities then.”

But Mahavir was never a wise man. He was not doing any work. He was lying on his bed the whole day and in the evening drinking alcohol. Darshan Singh was the one, who gave his son the first glass of whisky while his father was saying to Darshan Singh,

“You will see the results when everything will be out of your hands.”

But Darshan Singh did not use to give much respect to his father. He used to think that now he had grown up and can take all the decisions by himself and all those decisions will be right. But he never knew that he was actually losing his son.

Sandeep Kaur when went to New Delhi, she did not see the boy there. Her lover told her that he will meet to Sandeep near Lal Qila. The whole day Sandeep waited there but no one came. She had nowhere to go now. She killed her father and she was pregnant.

“Which month is this?”

Doctor asked to Sandeep when she went for abortion.

“Sixth.” Sandeep said.

“Are you mad, it is sixth month and you want to do abortion! Do you want to die?”

The doctor cleared to her that now the abortion cannot be done. It was a girl. Sandeep gave birth to a girl. But she did not have his father’s name. What she will answer when people will ask who his father was?

“Yes Mr. Gurpreet, please give me your father’s name.” The nurse asked Gurpreet.

“Mr. Jasraj Singh.” Gurpreet said.

“And your mother’s name is?”

“My mother’s name is Amarjit Kaur.” Gurpreet said.

“I am sorry but she is your mother right.” The nurse had some doubt, “I mean you are here to take the dead body of your mother but here the name is not Amarjit Kaur.”

“No doctor, the woman who died was not my real mother; she was like a mother to me.” Gurpreet said.

“Then where is her son?”

Mahavir Singh told his father to show the will he wrote regarding his property. Darshan Singh had some land outside the city. Mahavir Singh had his doubts that his father will not give him anything.

“I will not take you to any doctor until you tell me that what you have written in the will. Tell me the truth! Where is the will?!”

But Darshan Singh never told his son that he had given his property to a trust. Darshan Singh was only given the small house in which he was living now. After this the man became crueler on his wife than before. He used to beat her and his daughters almost every day. He had an affair with some other woman to whom he was giving his whole money. One day Mahavir Singh’s wife committed suicide along with his three daughters.

Sandeep Kaur married one old man. He died after few years but the facility Sandeep Kaur got from him was the name for his child. Sandeep Kaur was living now only for her girl child. She gave her name Harjit. Harjit was sent for her studies in government school. She got in bad company of girls in school. She used to bunk the classes and go to cinemas. Sandeep kaur couldn’t pay attention to all this because she was busy.

After the death of his wife along with three daughters, Mahavir Singh was left with his two daughters. One of them was 17 years old when an old man living in the village offered Mahavir Singh that he wanted to marry his daughter. The age difference was almost 30 years. But Mahavir Singh was getting a lot of money. So he agreed. But before he could do anything, his daughter committed suicide. Now Mahavir Singh was left with only one daughter. She was 13 years old. She saw all this and knew that how cruel her father was. When she got 20 years old she fell in love with a boy. But Mahavir Singh was against their marriage. The boy said that he is going to America soon. He told Mahavir Singh’s daughter that he will take her with him. But before this she had to kill her father. Mahavir Singh’s youngest daughter’s name was Sandeep Kaur.

When Sandeep Kaur came to her home on that day she saw a letter written by her daughter Harjit which was saying that she had run with her lover and will never come back. Gurpreet Singh was a writer and his parents were running an NGO. Sandeep Kaur was living with this NGO during her last days. The reason for her death was, “Pneumonia.”



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Submitted: September 30, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Gurpreet Singh Bhamber. All rights reserved.

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