Armageddon in Topeka

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Armageddon is a day feared by many. But what exactly is Armageddon?

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013




Armageddon in Topeka


Aggressive is the wind whooshing leaves

From deciduous trees and the roots almost near

To abandon their origin and clouds from the north

Marrying the clouds from the south and a newborn

Sea of grey strata that appears very ominous

To the townspeople of Topeka and the dead of

The dawn as well as of the night underneath

The soil as a gang of wolves howl from afar

With the gang of bullies, or devil’s minions

Lining along the avenue, watching as in plane

As well as behind the window frames of homes

Joined by the loath crowds as to wonder the coming of

By infants as to question the pacifier of

The Armageddon as good fights evil


Good is only one, with a boy known

To be Scary Child who walks alone

In the middle of the road with a honed

Weapon wielded by the frightening soul

Scary Child and it march without feeling foul

Of battling with the bully of bullies known

To be Bully of Bullies and a score to be

Settled without the intervening of his

Underlings, known to be cowards or the

Ignorant of the devil himself, or the

Father or Mother of Scary Child

For Armageddon is now and eyes

Fixated on two primary colors

As red is evil and blue is innocence

And the battle has begun


A clenched fist by red, following

Thunder from the grey clouds

And the chant like that of the arena

Clenched teeth by blue, following

Flaps of a pelican, with its whiteness

Complementing blue as to give sky blue

Its representation of serenity and equality

So long before spectators and crowd and

Bullies and Bully of Bullies eyes eyed open

By the massive form unknown to mankind

Rising behind Scary Child so everybody

Except Scary Child runs and runs and runs

Even Bully of Bullies, even the dark clouds

Become white and Scary Child claims

Victory over Armageddon and marches

Onward without turning around to see

It but feels not a need to find meaning

As long as standing against bullying.

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