Dodo with Soul without Solitaire

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Who is Dodo? What does Dodo sees?

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013




Dodo with Soul without Solitaire


A flightless bird without angelic wings

A double limbs though each not in pair

A hidden soul without a visible trail

Dodo knows a soul is in there somewhere


Dodo glides on his belly in a day of trinity

The sun and sky and mammals all witnessed at the moment

Dodo is flightless and glides like a warrior

Indeed a soul must be in there somewhere


Fauna and Flora of all the likes in pair

Floating in the sky and running on the lime

Dodo is flightless bird without pair

A soul must be in there somewhere


Dodo captures a small prey by the forelock

Wrestles over it with a sudden shock

Dodo studies the eyes of his prey

No soul in there, what a good meal!

Dodo prays before he preys

Brilliant! Just Brilliant! Dodo thinks


He glides again on belly

Dodo stops and witnesses a light

Shinning through the seven heavens

Dodo surprised by a new kind


A kind of angels without wings

Just one pair, how perfection!

In exquisite form without hair

And green leaves concealing underneath

Dodo breathes for the first time

After witnessing visible souls!


Dodo more frightened by another presence

Invisible and beyond his tenets

As if feeling humbled and subservient

Dodo sees no soul but much more greater

Indeed Dodo breathes for the first time


Dodo glides away on belly

Still a sentiment of being watched

By the great unseen from above the skies

Dodo glides away to home

Dodo finally says, Brilliant! Just Brilliant!

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