Little with Everything Else

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Small is big, big is big. But how small can life be in order to be satisfied?

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013




Little with Everything Else


I rise diligently as to synchronize the movements

With the chorus from a duo of magpies, improvising

To meet the demand without being the same

They are always complementary to one another

A little of them, a little as one pair to maintain harmony

A wasteful number could bring great disparity


I rise and rise again on foot

A fewer steps to the door, turn the spigot on

And little is the fall of watery sprinkles over me

Every one of them not missing the chance of contact

A collision between the sprinkles and pores

A wasteful number could fall out to the underworld


Two French toasts and hardboiled eggs

A perfect number for a singularity

And the start of day from dawn to twilight

Enough to provide work for mental capacity

With a maintained vitality close to infinity

Without excess waste for the call of nature


I set out on the porch of the house

Showered with sunshine, through and out of my matter

I remember now: still fast as the speed light

This little body of mine gains little of that sunshine

The wasteful energy is lost somewhere

But never lost completely in the universe


I reach out to gain little air as possible

Gas exchange with little waste less than probable

Of a violent chain reaction in the heavens

As it proves for the future very destructible

I take in and take out little as needed

Not becoming one that feasts


The magpies stop their chorus

Another one started by locusts

Just a pair, a little to bring good old serenity

As long as they have their anonymity

Without raising their predators’ awareness

A little is needed with everything else in my world

I go on to work with three goodbye words

“I will return.”

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