Runaway from Wormhole

Status: Finished

Runaway from Wormhole

Status: Finished

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Runaway from Wormhole Runaway from Wormhole

Poem by: GuruGuy

Genre: Poetry


Poem by: GuruGuy


Genre: Poetry



An innocent creature running away from home.


An innocent creature running away from home.


Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013




Runaway from Wormhole


Into the burrow I push forward

Forward again, away from the furrow

Made by the cultivators, calling the predators

The Peregrine Falcon, I fear the most

I push forward, then forward

With front first, then back second

A new wormhole I make

And the old ones soon to shake


From seeded soil to wetland

I push forward without hands

The runaway won’t last for long

Eventually I’ll be washed away

By the distant sounding pond

And devoured by Peregrine Falcon

A true hunter with a natural flair

Of grappling me while in air


It is not fair for my limitation

One without a prolonged evolution

Like the green caterpillar

Once a larva and soon to feed on nectar

With wings in synchrony with wind

With silky skin filled with trim

Disgusting am I as I push forward

I run away and seek refuge onward


I burrow upward and finally on the surface

Of a dry land and the missing trace

Of the Peregrine Falcon anywhere

Several feet away is an almost blind lair

I minded not but soon came to mind

Out of nowhere it comes out in might

I fall victim by its godly beaks, the Peregrine Falcon!

Up and I go as it flies in the sky


It knows that I have no heart

And I know that it has a heart

Finally it hovers over the nest

With petite falcons waiting at their best

To be fed with a runaway from wormhole

A quartet like a concerto with opened mouths

Like a dark wormhole, scarier than a black hole

I am set free as I fall to sacrifice

My body ripped off thrice

I run away from wormhole

Now I run away from my own.

© Copyright 2016 GuruGuy. All rights reserved.

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