Observed Objectivism

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Ayn Rand amongst other Realist Philosophers all studied and practiced Objectivism; it was through the study of Gottlob Frege that I began my own journey to becoming a decorated Observed Objectivist. Modern Login is a tool to justify the belief of Objectivism in today’s society.
A great fact of Objectivism is that something exists if it can be identified as a fact, only facts are recognised; an opinion or argument on the something is meaningless and very time consuming- with an outlet that leads to nowhere, forcing no positive results.
1) That Bugatti car driving past is black and red
2) Yes it is, but the owner of the Bugatti is a show off

The above description is a perfect example of what a fact is, and what a fact is not; the car’s colour is the only fact mentioned above. The owner is a show off; this holds no relevance in the Universe as a fact. If you asked ten people who saw the Bugatti if the car is black and red, you would have ten answers that all match. If you ask the same ten people if the owner is a show off, you would get ten different answers that do not match.

Religion is another example of Fact VS Opinion.

The Universe is evidently 14 Billion years old; through the discovery of fossils alongside advanced technology Scientist can identify the Big Bangs role in creating the whole Universe- from a small Atom the size of an Ant to a colossal size which is the whole Solar System.
Scientists try their best to describe how the Big Bang theory was to become, they use facts from their research to better assist and demonstrate how the creation of the Universe was formed. Scientists recognize Iron, and other natural elements been a direct gift from the Universe to Humans- Stars exploding into one another and leaving debris that orbits the last remaining Stars, before they too explode and leave debris at a much larger scale. This process of exploding Stars happened for billions of years, before a huge bang occurred and 99% of the Universe’s energy was built into one huge Star- The Sun. The remaining energy was then maintained by the Sun to create the rest of the whole Universe.
This information is an amazing achievement of knowledge for all Humans, knowing how planets were created is beautiful, similar to visiting the house that your parents grew up in.


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Wasting time



A successful millionaire will never waste their time with irrelevant thoughts that lead to nowhere; they will never dedicate their energy towards subjects that do not contribute to their productive success.




  1. A successful person is a human being who eats, sleeps, drinks and has twenty four hours in their day
  2. A less successful person (unemployed) is a human being who eats, sleeps, drinks and has twenty four hours in their day


There are no mechanical differences between the above two; when born, the ‘future’ millionaire had the exact same fairness as the latter. They both ate food; they slept when they were tired- and the obvious comparison is that they both lived within the twenty four hour clock (If circumstances were different, then both children would not have survived into an Adult)

What we all do with our twenty four hour days is what sets Us all apart from the rest of the world; utilizing your time to your complete advantage, always.

I used to worry about things that I had no control over; I would waste hours occupying my mind with thoughts that had no use at all. My mind was somewhere else; daily tasks would double in time, I would watch movies and not know what the film was about, because my vacant mind loved to OBE (Outer Body Experience).  The older that I became, the more that I realized what was happening, I tried my best to salvage my sanity- earn back lost hours. This was a hard task as comfort grew to this TON (Thinking of Nothing) - and worrying became a strong seed too; then I learnt rule two of Objectivism: You should never ever worry about anything- fix any current issue, by making sure that there is an issue.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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