The Equality of the Mind

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In this short essay I describe that the mind of all humans must be seen as equal.

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



The equality of many things has been accomplished throughout the history of hitherto societies: social class, race, and sexual orientation. But the area in which we need egalitarianism most urgently has not yet been changed. The inequality of the mind has created a dichotomy that humanity has yet to mediate. We have created institutions that have the audacity to measure our intelligence, grade our morals, and correct our thoughts. Those who they deem ignorant are sent to toil with their other plebeians or be delinquents. Those who narrowly escape are sent to the wit jungle, only to get outclassed by a more fortuitous man. The conquerors stand looming over the rest like a colossus, and keep the vulgar at a menial level. Supposed paragons are but tyrants, appointed sovereigns of the system used only as a taunt to the unfortunate and destitute. Those who lack the certain intelligence society claims to be superior are subjected to humiliation and degradation, while the scholar slaves are praised like gods. This system solely begets an inequity in which the most truculent win. De facto every person bears equivalent intelligence, albeit in varying domains. Intelligence, as opposed to knowledge, is constant to every human being. Incapability to realize this truth is what prevents the transformation of society to utopia. True ignorance is the belief in thereof. For the advancement of society we must destroy the absurd notion of intelligence coefficient, acknowledge the equality of all persons, revamp the education system, and embrace the power of the human mind. Once we realize these conditions, the downtrodden and the dignitary will result balanced, thus ending the class warfare that has plagued the history of humanity since creation. A new epoch of milk and honey will begin for society, and the quixotic visions of philosophers will finally materialize.

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