Fathom - Aspen's Prologue

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The possible beginnings of Fathom: The Movie.

Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008



The sea.
Earth’s final frontier, its last mystery.
It covers seventy percent of our planet’s surface and is responsible for life as we know it.The power of its anger is dreadful. The beauty of its calm has no equal.Some look to the heavens with a feeling of insignificance.I look upon the endless, open water and feel much the same.
May name is Aspen Matthews. At least, that is what I am called.I know it is not my real name though.Not the name I was born to. As it turns out, there are a lot of things about myself I don’t know.
For someone who managed to get a Ph.D. in marine biology at age 24, that’s saying something.
For one thing, I’ve learned I was "born" at eleven years of age. Well, that’s how old I was when they found me, alone on the deck of that ship. I can’t remember anything about my life before that day, before those blue eyes looked into mine, holding out a hand and telling me not to be afraid…
My … father used to tell me that mermaids put me on that ship and sent me to him.It made me feel special when I was little. Helped to explain some of the "strange" things about me.Like why I can hold my breath for almost fifteen minutes or my insight into the behavior of sea life that borders on paranormal.
I'm 25 now. I’ve been studying aquatic life for the past seven years. Guess what I’ve figured out?
There are no mermaids.
Nope, no mermaids, just a tingle on the edge of dreams that don’t make any sense.Dreams of something…somewhere before…
When I sit alone and stare out over the ocean, the waters stare right back at me.All my life the sea has called to me.Called to me in a language I don’t understand but know I somehow should.Every swell and set of its dark mass reflects echoes of my past.A past I know nothing about.
Last week I got the phone call of a lifetime.O.S.C., Inc., the largest marine research company in the world, wants me to be part of a science team they are sending to DMD, the largest deep sea marine facility in the world.
I leave tomorrow.
I’ve been a walking, breathing series of questions for 14 years.It’s time I got some answers. DMD is where I’m going to find them. Is this opportunity fate? I’d like to think so but I’d be partly kidding myself. After all, what good is a Naval Intelligence Officer for a father, if he can’t pull a few strings for his only daughter?
Fate or not, the call of the water has been getting increasingly louder.
This time I’m going to answer it.
I was born at eleven years old.I was found unconscious and completely alone by Naval Intelligence on the deck of a ship that had been reported lost at sea fifteen years before.
Tomorrow I plan to find out why.
Because, for me, there is the world I know…
….and then…
…there is the world below…
(Coming soon to theatres everywhere…)

Though the text above is original, Fathom, Aspen Matthews and all characters relating to were created by and are the sole property of Michael Turn and Top Cow/Image Comics. All Rights Reserved.

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