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Mermaids have boyfriend trouble too.

Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008



“So ask for a floating contract. What can they say? You are far enough along in your research that they wouldn’t think of getting someone else.”

Her tone of voice indicated she was growing tired of offering up solutions and tired of the topic as well. He looked back at her. She rested with her chin upon folded arms on the edge of the dock, head cocked to one side. Her long lashes, looking all the more lush from being wet, blinked intermittently as her body bobbed up and down in the water.

“Yah, you’re probably right.” Dropping back on his hands, he looked up to the deep blue tropical sky and then back to her.

She watched him intently, a smile creasing her exotic features. It was a smooth, thin smile on her perfect full lips. A look he could read like a depth gauge.

“I know that smile. Do you ever think of anything else?” Brennan asked.

She creased her brow, considering his question.

“I was thinking of eating shrimp a second ago.”

He uncrossed his legs and lay down upon his stomach. Edging forward, he brought himself nose to nose with her. She looked back at him, still as stone.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

“I love you, you know?” He whispered. “And I will ask for a floating contract.”

She elevated her mouth to allow him to kiss her. 

Hoisting herself up onto her elbows, she began moving herself back and forth, towards and away from him, almost bumping her nose with his. For Brennan, the action conjured up an image of different but similar kind of motion.

“Hold still.”  He chided gently.

Reaching out his hand he caught the back of her head as she moved in towards him. He held her in place and kissed her. It was a long kiss. They were always long kisses.

A familiar voice intruded upon the lovers.

“There you are!”

The kiss ended. Mishell grunted in irritation her eyes still closed. Brennan opened his eyes and smiled wryly.

“Now be nice.” He whispered as he rolled over to meet their visitor.

“Hi Kana.”

“Morning.” Kana answered striding up openly, “Mishell are you sure you’re not really a pixie or a fairy or something?”

Mishell looked back at Kana with the usual benign expression she always gave the girl. The one that betrayed nothing of what was really going on behind her turquoise colored eyes.

“Quite sure. Why?”

Kana walked over to Brennan who was now sitting up.

“Well it’s just the way you two are always fondling each other, I figured you’d cast some sort of love spell. You know like Cupid.”

Kana mussed Brennan’s hair as she said this.

“I can’t cast love spells, Kana.” 

“Well then I guess his affection is genuine.” Kana shrugged turning her attention to Brennan.

“Mother wanted to know if you were still coming for lunch on Saturday?” 

Coming to his feet, Brennan brushed off the back of his shorts.

“That’s this Saturday huh?” he said.

“Yes, that’s this Saturday. Please don’t tell me you forgot.” Kana’s hands went to her hips. An action she punctuated by puffing up her well endowed bosom, something she only seemed to do whenever Mishell was around.

Brennan looked back over his shoulder at Mishell. She was looking at the sea behind her, seemingly uninterested.

“It must have slipped my mind because I sort of promised Mishell that I’d spend the day diving with her. We haven’t been able to spend much time together lately.”

Kana pursed her lips, cast a brief but irritated glance in Mishell’s direction, and then shrugged.

“Bring her along.” She offered.

“You know I can’t.” Brennan replied.

“As a matter of fact, this time, you can.Mother has only invited her friends from here in town, no one from the main land, so there would be no explaining to do. On top of that, mother’s holding it at the cottage by the lagoon so we’ll be right by the water.”

Brennan rubbed his chin in contemplation.

“Come on Brennan,” Kana persisted. Taking a quick look at Mishell, she leaned towards Brennan’s ear to whisper. 

You know I never get to see you any more either; not since you two hooked up. Or don’t I matter to you anymore?

Playing along, Brennan whispered back.

Of course you matter Kana. God, don’t be stupid. You’re the best friend I have on this island. And just so you know, there is no point in whispering. She could hear us even if we were at the other end of the dock. Isn’t that right Mishell?

He looked back over his shoulder at his semi-submerged girlfriend. Mishell smiled back with an ingratiating look. Kana stepped around Brennan and walked up to Mishell.

“Well I don’t get to see him anymore. Apparently, I’m not a good enough swimmer.” Mishell left the jibe unchallenged. She knew her keeping quiet would upset Kana far more than any retort she could come up with. Kana of course expected the silence, but it grated on her nonetheless. Still, she chose diplomacy over pettiness.

“Well the offer still stands Mishell. You’re welcome to come along. That way we both get to spend time with him. Besides, my mother would love to see you I’m sure.”

The water behind Mishell stirred slightly.

“Mrs. Shereen isn’t going to be there is she?” Mishell asked plainly.

“No, I don’t think so. She supposed to be visiting family in Maui. Why?” Kana replied.

“She always asks me these stupid questions. In point of fact, they are the same stupid questions she asks me every time.”

Mishell’s face took on a vapid expression and her voice became sickly sweet.

“‘So dear are the men where you come from all like you?’ and ‘Don’t you ever get cold going about without a top on like that?’ The answers were ‘yes’ and ‘no’ the last six times she asked and they’ll be ‘yes’ and ‘no’ the next six times as well.”

The water behind her stirred again.

Kana bit her lip to keep from smiling. 

Brennan was smiling openly. 

“Come on Mishell, give Mrs. Shereen a break,” he chuckled. “She’s old and is only trying to be friendly. You just make her nervous, that’s all.”

“If that’s what you call ‘being friendly’, I’d sooner take a harpoon in the back.”

Kana raised her eyebrows.

 “Well,” she began “Mrs. Shereen won’t be there so you’ll be left in peace. And just as a precaution, I’ll be sure to tell mother there are to be no stupid questions from anyone. Ok?”

Mishell’s expression remained dour. Kana turned to face Brennan.

“Ok then, it’s settled. I’ll see you both on Saturday. Anytime after ten will be fine.”

“Sure Kana, Saturday after ten, we’ll be there.” He could feel Mishell’s eyes boring into his back.

Satisfied and smiling, Kana began to head back to her car, laying a gentle hand on Brennan’s cheek as she moved past him. Upon reaching the end of the dock, she stopped and turned on her heel, cocking her head to one side.

“Mishell,” she began sweetly “I’m assuming I don’t have to mention how nice it would be if you could bring along something special when you come. Maybe some of those gigantic oysters you always manage to find or those magnificent black pearls mother loves so much.”

For the first time since Kana’s arrival, Mishell’s expression became animated. Dangerously animated.

Mishell, by nature, was playful and lighthearted. 

She would spend hours giving the children in town swimming lessons without tiring. They all adored her and she them. When the local fisherman asked her if they could paint her picture on the sides of their boats for good luck she had been flattered. The only thing she asked was that they be respectful of the sea in their work to which they had been more than happy to comply. She even enjoyed helping Brennan set up his scientific marine equipment as long as she got rewarded later. 

The one thing Mishell did not like was playing fetch. She hated it. She hated what doing it made her feel like; a trained animal. The thought of it made her seethe and Kana knew it.

She was about to tell Kana what she could do with her oysters and pearls when she caught a pleading look from Brennan. She was forced to settle for “sure Kana, what ever you like” although, the words came out through tight lips. Kana appeared not to notice. She simply smiled, said “great”, and left it at that.

Making some remark about calling Brennan later that evening, Kana got in her car and drove off.

The loud crack of something very large smacking against the surface of the water split the air. Wincing, Brennan braced himself for the inevitable splash he was about to experience. It came down directly on top of him soaking his clothes and making him gasp. He turned to face the culprit.

“She’s a little out of range don’t you think.” He said trying to make light.

“I wasn’t aiming for Kana.” Her voice was even and low. He had to think fast or she would be pissed off for days.

“I really don’t think she meant to make you angry Mishell. You know how Kana gets; she’s just kind of used to having her way.”

He knew in an instant that wasn’t the right thing to say.

“Too fucking bad! I’m not some goddamn sea lion waiting at her beck and call to go chasing off every time she waves a fish in my face. You had no right to volunteer me to go with you either.”

“I can understand why you’re angry and I guess you have a right to be but…”

“You’re damn right I’ve got the right and we’re not going to her stupid little lunch party so you better go after her and tell her.”

She pushed away from the dock silently, submerging herself so that only her eyes were above the water as she looked back at him. Brennan walked to the edge of the dock, removing his dripping shirt as he did so. He sat down sticking his legs into the water. 

He was in good shape. His chest and shoulders were rounded and deeply tanned, a result of spending so much time moving heavy equipment about in the tropical sun. His eyes were soft and dark in direct contrast with her own. Whenever she looked into them she saw his love for her reflected there, a love that focused on who she was not what she was. Lastly, he had a grace, in and out of the water, uncommon among humans who she normally found loud and ungainly.

Mishell’s tail began to twitch, a sure sign to any who knew her that she was thinking of something mischievous. She began to move towards him. When she was within inches of his legs she looked up at him. 

The ‘look’ from before Kana’s arrival was back. It basically said, “Look, I’m still mad at you, but I want to have sex.” 

The instant mood change didn’t surprise him. 

Mishell’s kind were an ancient race dating back farther than any other civilization on earth. They had incredible natural abilities, advanced eyesight, able to see clearly in even the murkiest waters. Her hearing rivaled the keenest canine ears, and pound for pound, she was stronger than most humans. Mishell couldn’t have been much more than a size 4 or 5, yet she could lift the heaviest of his equipment with ease. On top of all that, female mermaids used a type of what could only be called magic that Brennan, in his scientific mind, still didn’t quite accept. 

There was one last attribute Mishell possessed that came as a bit of a surprise to Brennan. Merpeople, as a matter of course, were for lack of a more accurate term, profound nymphomaniacs.

Already Brennan could see tiny jeweled scales floating on the water around them. A sign that his love’s purely aquatic half was transforming into the human one necessary for them to have intercourse.

“Now just slow down a minute there miss hot and cold, we’re not doing anything until we make peace do you understand me?”

She moved a little closer to him, blowing bubbles on the surface of the water so they tickled his legs. Brennan lowered himself into the water. As was always the case, the water temperature near her body was warm, almost hot. She moved up against him, her tail already separated into two distinct sections. He put his arms around her. Her body was perfect. Her skin was smooth and flawless, soft yet thick to protect her against contact with coral and the ocean’s salts. She was superbly muscled to accommodate a life spent mostly moving about beneath the water’s surface. Even her human legs, which could out swim the fastest Olympian, were beautifully rounded and hard. She smelled sweetly of the sea and then something else. 

She began to pull him under. 
“Not until we talk.” He resisted.

Smiling playfully, she pulled harder. It was all Brennan could do to stay afloat. She was the superior swimmer and easily as strong if not stronger.

“Jesus you’re strong.” He grunted as he struggled to pull her up. 

She looked down between them and giggled.

“I’m not the only one flexing my muscles.”

Giving one good yank, she pulled him underwater. He struggled almost violently to resurface but not out of fear. Never out of fear. For as long as she was within twenty feet of him, he could breath and even speak underwater. 

Her magic. 

He also attributed this to why the water near her was always the perfect temperature no matter what the weather and no matter what the season.

No, he struggled against her passion and somewhat his own as well. He knew her attraction to him at times like this was perhaps the only weakness she really had. He intended to use that weakness to his full advantage. He didn’t do it often and when he did, he more than half suspected that she let him.  Still it made him feel a little bit dominant in a relationship where, more often than not, the hook was in his mouth. Him the one without the tail.

Kissing her fiercely as a means to disarm her, he pulled them back to the surface. Acting quickly he pulled himself out of the water and sat on the dock, dripping and breathing heavily from his exertions. Mishell was treading water in front of him, her breasts a distorted visage just below the water’s surface.

“Ok, you win. We’ll talk first, then we’ll fuck.” Her lack of tact wasn’t intentional. If any one was to be blamed for it, it was Brennan. He wasn’t the crown jewel of good manners and proper speech and, as Mishell’s most direct human influence, was turning out to be a rather bad social example.

“Not to spoil the mood or anything hot stuff, but I think we should go to the party.”

She swam towards him and propped herself up draping her arms over his thighs. Tipping her head back to allow the water to drain a bit from the fiery red hair that ran down almost to her bottom. Lowering her chin she smiled and moved a hand to his crotch.

“Ok, convince me.” She cooed, her long lashes looking all the longer from their wetness. She gave a gentle squeeze.

“Oh, ho, ho, you are not going to make this easy are you.”

She shook her head slowly from side to side.

“You know mother always told me to watch out for girls with tails.” He almost laughed. “Speaking of mothers,” he continued, albeit with effort “Kana wasn’t kidding when she said how much her mother loves to see you.”

“I know, and I love to see her too.” She replied, avoiding his eyes. “It’s just whenever I see Kana I’m overcome with the sudden desire to introduce her to this bull shark I know.”

“Well, why don’t you spend your time doting on her mother and leave Kana to me?” He reached out to stroke her head.

She looked up at him, a devastating pout fixed upon her face.

“Leave Kana to you, huh? I don’t think I like the sound of that. What do you two do when you’re out walking about?” 

She used the word ‘walking’ the way human wives use the word ‘drinking’ when referring to their missing husbands. Brennan took her face in his hands.

“Mishell Chyallidas the First, I can’t believe you are still jealous of her after all this time.”

“I’m a mermaid and a redhead, jealousy is in my DNA.”

“Well silly, it’s exactly because you’re a mermaid and redhead that no woman alive could ever hope to compete with you. Shit Mishell, even amongst your own kind you stand out. You know, sometimes I think you’re more human than you let on.”

A slow smile started to creep across her face and she nuzzled into him.

“Tell me you love me, Brennan.”

“I love you Mishell, I’ve always loved you.”

“Ok, we can go to party then and I’ll even get Kana her fucking oysters and pearls.”

“Just pretend you are doing it for her mother, which, in truth, you are. That should make doing it easier.”

“No. I’m going to pretend I’m doing it for you, because, in truth, I am. That will make it easier.”

She pulled away from him and slid back into the water.

“Do you want me to come with you when you get them?” he asked as he began sliding off his shorts.

“You can help with the oysters, but the water pressure is too high where the pearls are and I can’t protect you from that.”

The sun had been setting and was now a glaring red, hissing silently as its edges kissed the horizon. It was very quiet. The only sound was the lapping of the tide against the sides of the dock.

“Come on in honey, the waters perfect” she teased.

“Duh.” He slipped in silently.

Silhouetted against a sinking ball of fire, the two of them came together. This time, Brennan did not resist, not even a little. Kissing softly they disappeared slowly beneath the red-stained water imitating the setting sun as it slowly did the same.


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