On the White Isle

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Joel suffered an age old hurt. He was in love with his best friend and had no idea how to tell her. (Inspired by an actual dream by the author)

Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008



On The White Isle
(inspired by an actual dream)
It had been a beautiful day.
He sat on the side of the street in front of her house.It was a medium sized cape built at the end of a dark, newly paved cul de sac.The end of the street met with a sweeping lawn that sloped steeply downward to a street that ran perpendicular far below.Looking straight out over the slope, the ocean was visible a mile or so in the distance.
Only three other houses shared the tiny street.One stood to the left of Amara’s, separated from hers by a large lawn and two towering oaks.The other two homes stood across the way, also divided by gardens, oaks and a large expanse of thick, groomed grass.All four homes were painted white, like most of the houses on the island, giving the little neighborhood a pristine appearance.The appearance of the good life.The appearance of wealth.
Off in the distance, the ocean, deep and dark blue, reflected a nearly cloudless sky.The bay was surrounded by a pine-green mass of trees dotted with tiny flecks of white; the cottages and summer homes that housed the population of the island.High above his head, the leaves, shiny and green, were moved by a silent breeze that was seen but not felt.
He looked again at her house.
The yard before it stretched out to meet the street.No sidewalk separated grass from asphalt making the lawn’s emerald color seem all the more rich in contrast.Ivory siding glowed with a blinding brilliance in the spots where sunlight penetrated the canopy overhead.The shutters on the windows, more decorative than functional, were slatted and black.Lastly, roses and chrysanthemums, which her mother loved, surrounded the house and blossom-laden ivy laced itself throughout a trellis that arched over a white graveled walk leading from the street to a side patio.It was, by all accounts, a very pretty house.
He sat there, alone, in a beam of sunlight that had found its way through the trees to the ground below.He wore a white oxford, untucked and unbuttoned, and a pair of dark jeans.His feet were bare, toes curling inward, enjoying the warmth of the dark pavement.He sat there watching the day around him.He watched the leaves.He watched the boats create their foamy white tails as they traveled about the bay.He inhaled the scent of brine and flowers that was carried to his nose on the warm August air and he sighed.
Yes it had been a beautiful day, but it had not been a perfect one.
As if to remind him why, Amara appeared suddenly from the house.She had changed out of her swimsuit.She wore dark blue denim shorts, frayed from where she had cut them shorter to show off her tanned and well shaped legs.Her shirt was a white cotton blouse rolled up to her elbows.She had not taken the time to button it and he could see her small breasts cupped to roundness in a white lace bra.Her stomach was lean and lined with muscle and a glint of silver could be seen where she had her navel pierced with a ring.
She held a cell phone in one hand and a small white terry cloth towel in the other.She was talking intently to whoever was on the line and began wiping her long dark hair absently, pausing every once and a while to make a point during the conversation.Sometimes the arm wielding the towel would stop altogether and her perfect chin would drop incredulously.
Once again he got lost in watching every thing about her.She was so beautiful.Strong, fearless, intelligent, she robbed her surroundings of their colors.He found it difficult to breathe when he watched her with such scrutiny; difficult to control his pulse.He loved her and he knew it and admitting that to himself could feel so good.Yet, at the same time, he hated the feeling because he was sure she did not feel the same way about him.He was her best friend to be certain, closer to her heart than any lover had ever been allowed to get.Even so, her lovers had gotten to hold her, to touch her, and to do…other things.She was from money.He was not.The fact that he let that distinction trouble him did not help matters.
She looked in his direction and her eyes found him watching her.When she saw him, she smiled reflexively, holding up a finger to indicate she wouldn’t be much longer.
She could have been days on that phone and it would have made no difference.He would wait for her in that spot, on that street by her house until the tar turned to chocolate.
He let his mind travel back to earlier in the day…
They had gone diving, snorkeling really.The water had been as clear as crystal and as warm as fur.No matter how many times they explored the reef, the wonders of the world below never failed to enchant.
They had also gone to the caves.
It was her favorite place.She loved the danger and the beauty that co-existed there.She had discovered a new cavern but, bold as she was, dared not explore it alone.He had been all too happy to accompany her.The day had been full of laughing and exertion, salty lips and wrinkled fingertips, but there was one moment he would remember forever.
They were resting a moment in the cavern adjacent the way out.They always rested before leaving their secret place.The way out took a certain amount of daring.The last section of caverns was located just beneath her neighbor’s house.A large storm drain sat atop an easy climb out of the last underground pool.The catch was getting to that pool.In order to do it they had to swim under water and squeeze through a tight crevasse only a few centimeters wider than a body.They had done it several times before, but every time they did they had to wonder:was this the time they would get stuck?Was this the time the fun would end in tragedy?
Today as they sat there building up their resolve, the cave seemed to grow cold, despite the warmth of the day.Amara began to shiver.Hesitantly, not trusting his emotions, he had moved closer to her.Bracing himself for the bittersweet sensation, he put his arms around her.To his surprise, pleasure, and pain, she melted back into him willingly.Her body was a perfect blend of hard and soft.Glancing down the line of her neck he could see her stiffened nipples pressing through her bikini top.His passion for her ached like never before.Then she said the words.
Normally, Amara’s voice was gruff, chummy.She always spoke to him like a pal.This time however, it was soft and thoughtful, almost vulnerable.It caught him completely off guard.
“I don’t know what I would ever do without you in my life,” She began.“You are always there for me, no matter what.And you are the only one who really listens to what I have to say.Not to mention putting up with my shit.I will never stop loving you Joel, I promise.”
He wanted to cry, letting the salt of his tears mix with the salt of the water around them.Instead he only murmured “I know” and held her more tightly.He could have sat there forever, holding her like that, but the pain was too much for his 19 year-old heart to take.She loved him, but he was not her lover.The act of letting her go took more courage than braving the crevasse would ever require.
They shared no more words as they left the caves or during the climb up to the storm drain.Neither one of them spoke again until they had reached the patio of her house.It was Amara who broke the silence.
“You really are the best friend I will ever have.”
She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.Not a lover’s kiss, but more than the kiss of a friend to be sure.She turned from him then, hiding behind her wealth of hair, and disappeared inside to change, leaving him to revel in that last moment for as long as he dared…
An exclamation of frustration from Amara brought Joel back to the present.
She was storming down the walkway towards him, rubbing her head with the towel in irritation.
“Men!”She blurted through her clenched perfect pearl-white teeth.
He rose at her approach and she gave him a hard peck on the cheek complete with a “mwah”.Stepping back she reached up with the towel and mussed his dark hair.
“Why can’t all guys be like you?”She said with mock seriousness.
“Because I’d never find my size at Banana,”He replied with a straight face.
She guffawed at him crossing her arms in front of her chest.
“That was Chris.I am so glad I broke up with him.I swear his brain is becoming less developed over time.Thank God he’s on the mainland.I should probably have my number changed, huh?”
“What ever you think is best, your worship.”He said half bowing.
“Cute.Come on let’s go get ice-cream.”
“Ok, but I’m buying this time.Got it?”
She started to argue, but he glared at her.Donning a devastating pout only she could muster, she half turned away bowing her head in submission.
“You’re too good to me, Joel.If I was smart, I’d marry you before some other lucky girl snatches you up.”
Not waiting for him to answer, she turned and walked back towards the house to grab her car keys.
Joel stood and watched her a moment, as he always did when ever she walked away from him.
Amara, if you had any idea what words like that did to me, you would never say them.Ever.
Letting out a sigh that came straight from his feet, he shrugged and followed after her, just like he always did.Just like he always would.

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