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What if your best friend was a vampire?

Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008




Her name is Sange.

She is my friend. My only friend. She is a vampire.

She is the most beautiful and the most deadly thing I know. Alabaster skin when she needs to feed, rich olive when she doesn’t. Eyes the color of artic ice and hair so shiny black it looks like oil. She keeps it cut straight and short, just above her shoulders, curving in towards her face. I told her it looks best that way. Her lips are a full, soft, perfect pink. Not that you could ever tell through the blood red lipstick she always wears. She is about my height with a slender build but every inch of it impossibly strong muscle.

The strength of the living dead. The strength of an immortal.

Sometimes we arm wrestle to settle disagreements. It’s basically a joke between us. She can lift me off the ground with one hand. I’m completely inferior to her in all physical respects but she never leverages that against me. I think she is afraid to break me or something. I’m the only human she has ever befriended, the only one to learn what she truly is and be left alive.

She is nothing like the myths and movies. She walks beneath the sun, a day walker, but there is no profound meaning behind it. She is not the ‘chosen one’. She has told me that some of her kind can abide the light and some of her kind can’t and not to think more of it than that. No, not chosen but definitely unique; Sange hates her kind and that isn’t normal. She won’t hunt humans but other vampires she’ll kill without pause. Too bad for them and lucky for me.
Lucky for me because they all want me dead.

Sange may refuse to kill humans but the others certainly don’t share that conviction.

They guard the secrecy of their existence with a vengeance. I’ve seen the movies. I understand why. Humans knowing about them just wouldn’t work. We fear what we don’t understand and how can you understand something that is not suppose to exist?

What I haven’t figured out is how they find out when they’ve been exposed. For reasons she won’t tell me, Sange decided to protect me. Usually, when she is exposed as a vampire, she just walks away. It’s kind of hypocritical of her. She knows that simply by bearing witness to her a human has basically signed his or her own death warrant. Ordinary humans have no real hope of survival against a vampire that wants them dead. Even the most resourceful person can’t hold out indefinitely. Time is on the side of the vampires. They are immortal after all.

So why I have Sange’s oath of protection is a mystery. Maybe I met her on that one day when she was just tired of being alone. She hates her kind and hasn’t been human for centuries. Doesn’t leave a lot of options for friends. Maybe she drew straws and warm blooded won out. Whatever the reason, I’m alive because of it. I guess don’t need to understand much beyond that.

She may not be a killer but she definitely knows how to kill.

I’ve watched her do it. It still scares the shit out of me. To come face to face with how dangerous she really is unnerves me. It’s like watching your pet tiger maul your best friend only to come back and lick your hand.
But as violent as her kills are, they are strangely beautiful just like watching that same tiger stalk and take down its prey. It is over almost as fast too. Her movements are like a dancer’s. Her dance partners: two scimitars, her claws and her fangs. Gives whole new meaning to “cutting in.” She was born during the time of the Crusades so using swords is old habit for her. I can watch her hunt through our link. A mental link. She maintains it with me through some power I don’t understand. Projecting what she sees directly into my mind.

The strangest part is the images are all in black and white; except for the blood. The blood is a red as blood can be. I wonder if that is how the world looks to her? Just black and white and blood. I’ll have to ask her one of these days.

I remember watching this one time, through our link, when she was fighting with three of her kind on a rainy rooftop. My heart beats so hard when she “shares” with me like that. It’s all I can do to stay conscious. I’m never sure if it’s her heart I’m feeling or mine. I doubt it is hers. She would never get that excited. She has no fear. She leapt from that roof, eyes closed, followed by maybe another ten sets of teeth. It must have been twelve stories up. She landed like a cat and just waited for them.

They should have let her be.

So yah humans are off the menu but she still needs fresh blood like a fish needs water.
One time she needed to feed. She had gone without blood longer than she usually does and was in rough shape. My own blood wasn’t an option.
It’s not because I have a problem with her feeding on me, I don’t. I trust her. It’s actually because biting me is something she won’t even talk about. I once thought she was afraid of turning me but I was wrong. She told me that’s not how it works; a single bite won’t do it. If it did the world would be crawling with vampires. She says it’s because she never wants to see me as food, ever. So she sticks primarily to raw meat. Raw organs actually, especially the liver. It’s definitely a nasty scene to watch her chow but, in a way, the contrast is kind of fascinating. The vampire in her is pretty dominant but you'd have to be blind to see she was basically gorgeous when she was human. To see the lips of a face that could have graced the cover of Elle dripping blood...

Hey I have a dark side, what can I say.

So Sange was hungry and pretty weak. I took her to this butcher shop she likes. They hardly speak English there and barely look at you as they fill your order. All the better for her. Only this time there was some new girl at the counter. The fucking ditz somehow got water from one of the pickle barrels on the meat. Any at all was too much. Vampires hate salt almost as much as they hate garlic. Yah, that part’s true. They don’t like garlic or salt and silver is toxic to them. Anything that messes with blood. To kill a vamp, cut off its head or impale them with silver just about anywhere. Oh yah, and direct sunlight if they are not day walkers. That’s it. Anything else just makes them mad.

I try to look out for Sange in what ways I can. I feel obligated because she certainly looks out for me and not just as my bodyguard. Like the time I needed to pay my rent but didn’t have all of the money. The other tenants in the rotting box that passes as my apartment building usually leave checks on a bulletin board outside the super’s office. This one time some idiot left cash. Sange said, “Finder keepers.” She put the money in an envelope with my name on it and pinned it to the board and told me not to worry about it. Morality and vampirism are not bedfellows. She said if anyone gave me trouble to tell her and she would take care of it. It scares me to think of what that means. Just something I have to accept about having her as a friend I suppose.

Being around her makes my heart swell. Mixed with all the power and beauty and ferocity is something truly warming. Something that makes me feel good about being alive. When she smiles, I mean truly smiles, she bares her fangs. It’s inadvertent. But instead of giving off this sense of malice, it actually comes across as charming. Hey kittens have fangs if you think about it. Still, in spite of how she looks, the idea of her as anything more than a friend never entered my mind.

But just the other night my perceptions changed.

She was so hungry it was making her sick. Her skin, her lips and her eyes had lost all of their color and her cheeks looked disturbingly sunken. I’d never seen her so far gone before. I got scared and then I got angry. She knew better. For all of her power and immortality, she was extremely vulnerable. I had to fight down the panic. You can’t revive a dead vampire. There is no breathing to restore or heart to start. They do not flat line. They disintegrate. Raw meat wouldn’t fix this. She needed blood. Fresh blood. But she simply refused to go after a human.

Damn you Sange.

For once, her life was in my hands. This was not about saving a vampire; this was about saving a friend. My only friend. She would feed off me or she would die.

She was not going to die. Once was more than enough.

I argued my case and even reminded her if she died, I was as good as dead without her protection. I felt bad about laying a guilt trip on her. The only code she clung to was not killing to live. I don’t know what set her on that path but just the fact that she had stuck to it for so long was admirable. Now her only friend was asking her to abandon that path. In all fairness, I wasn’t asking her to kill, just to feed. At least, that is what I hoped I was asking. In truth, I’d never met a human that was bitten and lived to tell about it. I decided to place my faith in Sange. If she agreed to feed from me, it was because it could be done safely. I had to believe that. What choice did I have?

She agreed to let me feed her.

She said if she were going to do it, she wanted to do it at “her place.” The place she went to whenever she left me. I told her there wasn’t time to get there even though I didn’t know where “there” was but she was insistent. She squeezed my hand and made me promise I’d take her there. Even in her weakened state she almost broke my hand. She gave me directions and said I couldn’t miss it.

Then she passed out cutting off any further argument.

The place was beautiful. Some old abandoned mansion just outside the city. It was surrounded by trellis gardens and high walls. Her weight was normal for someone her size so I had little trouble carrying her. I brought her inside a giant front room that was empty except for a large chandelier hanging overhead. A wide staircase with dark wooden steps swept its way along a sidewall to an exposed hallway above. I set her down and looked around for a more comfortable resting spot for her. I spotted a chaise in an adjoining room. I turned back to where I had set her down; she was gone.

I began calling for her. At first, there was no answer.

Suddenly, the link between us kicked in. Her voice in my head told me to go to the garden in the back and then was gone from my mind. I made my way through the house. It was huge, a seemingly endless chain of room after room, but eventually I got to a door leading outside.

I found her waiting for me, her appearance completely changed. She had even found time to change her clothes. She wore a short silk, ivory robe that stopped at mid thigh. I had never seen her legs before. She always wore pants, black leather or tight jeans. Smooth, tight muscle played through her calves and above her knee. My breath caught in my throat. Her eyes and lips were still pale but she was no longer gaunt. The confusion must have been evident on my face because she flashed me a knowing smile.

“This is the spot where I ‘died’ originally although it has changed a lot over the centuries,” She said by way of explanation. “I can do things here I can’t do in other places. I don’t know why exactly, but I do know the effects won’t last. Come on.”

She held out her hand to me. I took hold of it and followed her. She lead me to what I figured to be her bedroom. The bed was a gigantic oval with no head or foot board. There was no other furniture in the room. Just outside stood a fountain of solid white marble surrounded on the ground by flowers and mosaic tile. It was visible through a set of French doors that were beveled outwards. Water bubbled from the top of the fountain creating shimmering reflections of moonlight about the room.

She opened the doors and beckoned me into the garden. It was massive. Ivy grew everywhere and became animated as Sange walked by as if revived by her presence. For the first time, I noticed the air buzzed with the sound of what had to be thousands of bugs. Sange kept walking so I kept following.

What are you up to Sange?

Occasionally, lizards would appear from the hedges stopping in front of us and standing up on their hind legs. They would cock their heads to one side, Sange would nod and then they would skitter off again. The living dead nesting amidst such an abundance of life. I didn’t miss the irony. Sange was not some abomination in the eyes of nature like the church would tell you. Instead, she was this mysterious, powerful, beautiful part of it. She seemed more in sync with the living world around her than any human could ever be.

Lucas what are you doing? I thought. I am so out of my league. She should be with some lesser god; not me.

As if reading my thoughts, she stopped and looked back at me. Brushing a reassuring hand down my cheek she opened the buttons of my shirt and placed her hand over my heart. We locked gazes, her pale eyes boring holes into mine. She stood there for a moment and then seemed to make her mind up about something.

She stepped back, turned away and dropped her robe. She started moving away from me putting one foot directly before the other like she was walking a tight rope. Caught completely off guard, I dropped my gaze to the ground.

Why was she behaving like this? She’s needs to feed. Why is she out here acting like she’s trying to seduce…oh. Lucas, you moron.

I slowly looked up, my eyes finding her fleeing feet. Slowly, I let my gaze work its way skyward. Her skin was like the marble of the fountain, gleaming and flawless, tinted blue from the light of the moon. When I got to her ass, flexing and shifting with each step, my breathing got so rapid I thought I’d choke. She must have heard because she actually giggled. I started walking after her.
I knew what she truly was, but my body saw only a beautiful naked woman. Her whole body was perfectly smooth. Not a freckle or blemish and tight, sinew flexed and played with her every movement. Marble in motion.
When we got back to the doors outside her bedroom she turned to face me. She was grinning at me fangs and all. That brought me back to reality; frightened me a little.

How hungry was she? Does she still recognize me?

No. This was Sange. My Sange. She was my one and only friend. If she wanted me dead, I’d be dead and I wouldn’t even see it coming. She was that fast when she attacked. At that moment, the fear left me completely and curiosity and lust overwhelmed me. I wanted her. I think I’d always wanted her but the idea was so far outside the realm of normalcy I had buried the feelings away. Fuck normal. She was not normal and that was precisely what made her so desirable to me.

She led me back into her bedroom and crawled onto the bed lying on her stomach. I sat down next to her and traced my finger down her spine. She propped herself up on her elbows and began toying with the sheets. When she spoke, her voice was uncharacteristically soft, almost small.

“Thank you…for doing this Lucas,” She said. “This is no small favor. It will be dangerous for you. I’m going to need a lot of blood. Not enough to kill you but enough to knock you out for sure. During the feeding, I’ll probably slip into a trance. It will slow down how fast I drink and keep me from draining you too quickly. As soon as you feel yourself starting to go under, I want you to break my hold on you.”

She said I didn’t have to worry about her strength. She said the trance would make it possible for me to push her off.

“Sange,” I began.
“Why is my shirt off and why are you naked?”

She turned her head so she could look at me. The eyes that looked into mine belonged to my Sange, not some vampire trying to seduce her prey. She even looked vulnerable if you can believe that. I guess the girl in her was still alive even if her body had died a long time ago.

“Do you think I’m pretty Lucas?”
“I think you are beautiful Sange.”

She lowered her eyelids in humility and grinned.
I took off the rest of my clothes and she rolled onto her back. Then I was against her. She was cold to the touch but I had been expecting that.

“Now, Lucas,” She whispered and gasped as I entered into her. She yielded as I pulled her closer to me but only for a moment.

That brief moment before I felt the bite.

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