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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story is about a young boy's fight with a legendary beast.

Submitted: March 23, 2011

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Submitted: March 23, 2011



Flames spewed from the dragon’s mighty throat. The acrid fumes polluted the air like a belch of toxins sent by the devil himself. What was once the knight’s valiant charger lay at the dragon’s feet: it’s once gleaming white coat was now charred skin. Its eyes glazed and wide in the terror of death. The dragon bent down and began to gorge itself on the horses flesh. Thebeast was a massive three ton wall of death. It had two long bat-like wings; its short front arms made it look like a winged tyrannosaurus. Its neck was at least three meters long; its tale was the same. Its long head looked like a crocodile’s. Its clawed hands were lethal weapons; it was a beast of Lucifer.
About a hundred yards away, the knight knelt behind a boulder. His name was Arkan. His armor had been severely scorched. It was laying near him smoldering. He was clad in a mail covered leather shirt and leather pants. His boots were likewise made of brown leather. Across his back was a sword in a sheath, adagger was at his side. A spear was lying near the armor. He peeked over the boulder at the huge green lizard. He saw it begin to feed on his steed and hate took him. He grabbed his spear and began to creep towards the creature.
The dragon suddenly looked up and saw him. It bared its teeth and leapt towards him. It was flying low so Arkan was able to get a clear spear throw. He hurled the spear with all of his might. It flew straight and true and tore through the dragon’s right wing. The beast howled in pain and swerved in the air. It was unable to fly though and crashed into the ground a short ways away. Arkan drew his sword and charged. The dragon whirled on him and spewed its flames. Arkan dodged and drove his sword into the dragon’s bottom jaw. He pushed a button on the sword’s handle and the tip of the blade split and became like a hook inside the dragon’s mouth. The dragon roared and jerked its head up. Arkan flew up into the air. As he descended he drew his dagger. He landed on the beast’s head and began thrusting the dagger into the animal’s skull. He stabbed and stabbed until the dragon gave a final shudder and collapsed on the ground. Arkan tumbled to the ground and rolled to his feet. He looked back at the dead dragon for several minutes. Then he raised his dagger and screamed to the world, “I AM ARKAN!!”

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