Heaven's War

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Traver is the world's last Christian.In the early 22nd century the world was wiped out by nuclear war.Traver's destiny is to destroy Lucifer.Will he succeed?

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



Heaven’s War











Traver stared at the long convoy as it approached. His gut was twisted in a thousand different ways. Meeting important officials always made him nervous. As the convoy pulled up he saw the hateful stares of the Atheist Hybrids. From the long black limo a Hybrid of tall stature stepped out. He was a middle aged Hybrid being in his mid to late forties. He was a mix between a Labrador retriever and a deer. His tall antlers announced his way over the heads of his bodyguards. Upon reaching Traver he sank into a low bow. “Traver. So nice to finally meet you in person. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. Come let us walk and talk.” He said gesturing his guards away. Traver nodded and motioned to a path that led alongside a small lake. “It is an honor to meet you also Gorgonay. Though I must admit my enthusiasm isn’t quite equal to yours.” He answered as they took the path. Gorgonay smiled. “It is often a little nerve-racking to meet a high importance official. I did not expect a parade.” At this he gave a wide smile, “ Now. Down to business. We must discuss our conundrums. You are a Christian. I am an Atheist. We have our differences, but we two are united in a common cause: we are both enemies of Lucifer.” Traver stopped and gave Gorgonay a confused look. “You can’t be against Lucifer!” he stated. Gorgonay chuckled. “Traver, I hate him more than any creature on this earth. He has taken my friends lives and freedom. He chose me as a leader to promote his cause though I do the bare minimum. I want to be a Christian but I can’t flat out denounce Lucifer.” He explained.

Traver stood spellbound. “Gorgonay… you don’t need to be afraid to turn against evil. I was a member of the CAG until I got a Bible and my curiosity overpowered my evil heart. No one is beyond saving. Lucifer is going to lose this war. The Bible foretells it. All you must do is accept the Lord into you. Then no one can harm you for you are God’s Child. My dead friend Miriad became a Christian before Lucifer killed her. I know that it’s hard to fight evil but it must be done!”

Gorgonay listened with eager attentiveness. He drank in every word. After listening for some time he asked; “So can I become a Christian right now?” Traver nodded. Without a moments hesitation the leader of the Atheists hit his knees and turned his back on Lucifer. When he rose to his feet he was a new man.

When they returned to the convoy Gorgonay held his head high. “Go back and tell your master that he will hold me in his sway no more! Tell him I am a Christian!” Traver was impressed with how well Gorgonay pronounced his belief. The guards looked stunned. As they began to drive off a hybrid walked up to Gorgonay and spit in his face before running to jump on the back of a jeep. Traver could tell Gorgonay was sad to have lost his men. Traver put his hand on Gorgonay’s shoulder. “Come” , he said, “we have much work to do.” With that the pair walked off back into the woods to find the entrance to Traver’s house.



“HE DID WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!” came the shriek from Lucifer as his right hand man gave him the news. “Yes my liege, the scum has converted to Christianity.” Lucifer’s eyes glowed with red flame. “Leave me!” he growled. The man bowed and quickly left the room. Lucifer rose from his throne and began to pace up and down his throne room. So the little bastard thought he could just ditch the Devil himself did he? Well now, he would have to be educated in the ways of punishment and pain. Heh. Maybe having two Christians around would be more fun. More of a challenge. NO! He’d waited almost three thousand years to rule Heaven and he wasn’t about to give up that chance. “Draygar!” he called. In a poof of smoke a small muscular Demon appeared. “Yes my liege? You bellowed?” he said bowing. Lucifer chuckled. “Yes I bellowed. I have a job for you.” Draygar’s eyes grew a small bit brighter, “I need you to kill Traver Dascon and Gorgonay Hultine by next week.” Lucifer continued. Draygar grinned eagerly. “Yes my liege it shall be done!” he answered as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Lucifer smiled. Sometimes being the ruler of all evil was the best job around.



After getting used to sharing a house with a friend, Traver found it was rather a pleasant experience. Waking up every morning to find someone to talk to was a new and quite enjoyable. Every night became Bible time. One night Traver would read then the next night Gorgonay would read. After about four days of this, Traver began to notice that Gorgonay seemed more and more self confident and happy. At breakfast one morning he sat in his usual place reading his Bible as normal. He looked up and smiled at Traver who was helping himself to the ham and eggs. Traver looked over and chuckled when he saw what Gorgonay was reading. “The Song of Solomon was meant for married men you know.” He pointed out. “Yes well I want to get the whole Bible in my head.” His friend replied. Traver smiled. His friend was a sturdy type he had to admit. When Gorgonay wanted to do something he did it no matter what the cost. Traver knew that this could be a bad thing as well as a good. He sighed. It had been so long since anyone had shown any kind of interest in the Bible and God that he’d almost forgotten what it was like to see a new Christian emerge into the world. Well he knew now. But he knew he still had to be on his guard for any kind of a trap. Heaven depended on it.

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