The mystery of interest level in women.

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A story about a guy getting the girl, but everything goes wrong because he makes bad decision.

The story tells alot of things the man does think of when being with a woman he likes. His moves, his decisions and his next steps.

A story how to get the girl, but also when to get out before you loose your self.

Submitted: February 13, 2014

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Submitted: February 13, 2014



Hi i'm a M22. This is a story of me meeting a girl, the girl of my dreams. in this story i will tell you what to do and what not to do. I will tell you this in my perspective. i will tell you
my experience, my loses and my victories. You can either use this as a lesson or just ignore it. I can recommend this for the most unexperienced guys out there. guys who is
lost in the labyrinth of finding out how women works, and other guys who is stuck in a situaion where you just can't get over the girl you want. I will tell you how quicksand
can kill you slowly, and remove your personality peace by peace. until you cant recognize your self
. i will tell you, that failing with one girl, is something every guy goes
through. Even the most skilled man out there fails. No one is perfect at this game. The game of poker.

I met the prettiest woman ever. She got the smile that could make Michael Jacksons sad funeral transform into happyness by looking at it. The eyes brown and had these special and not shining but
glittering effects when i looked at them. The cheeks Smooth as ice, warmth as a kittens fur. Hair even more beautiful than a Jasmin princess, the hair smells like spring, flowers puttet together to make the perfect smell, even Llorial would be interrested.
a stunning body, a holy tempel, so sacred and perfect no wonder the greeks worshipped the goddes of beauty. If they saw her, they would have thought it was a ressurection.
She got everything that i look for, and never before have i seen perfection in harmony  on even the smallest bits of a person. Her personality is the greatest of all.
Everything she tells me i remmember. Favorite color, the story behind her name, favorite food, place, best friends, places she has been at.
I mean, even her birthday i remember. And i never remmember birthdays. not even my ex's and my families.

God bless her dad and mom for bringing her to this planet.  

The story how to avoid going out of the interestlevel of the girl of your dreams.

We met at the place where we work. when i saw her i was on a normal level as when we allways see a girl. except when i saw her smile. i couldnt stop looking, i was nervous
for no reason, as i told my self. Because we have met before, yea. We worked together before, she was just a tan younger back then. since there is a 3 years gab between us
it would have been wrong in the early days. Now.. she has grown and damn girl. that is something special. She looked at me while weaving at the same time. I was just starting to work there again. because i had some studiyng to do.

While she weaved at me i was busy working with some customers. they saw me be shy out of nothing. And really it was
out of nothing. They started gigle a bit, i just ignored it and kept working. I started engaging a conversation about how she was doing. we talked alot, we were both happy,
smiling, made jokes, talked about older days and friends we both have in common. I was lucky. I mean, REALLY lucky. we were the only two employees working there so we had all
the time we could and talk. Even the customers could see us having a good time being at eachothers company. I never forget this lady asked us why we just didnt do it, do the dating and get over with it. Cause we were meant to be and was the perfect match. Now here is the first mistake i made. I looked at her eyes and it felt like i looked at them
for 10 seconds. So many thoughts ran through my mind. What if this could work out? i never dated a person at my work, because i stick to the "dont shit were you eat" motto.
and i remember her face. I could see it in her that she thought it was a good idea. she was happy, smilling and excited. but... my motto and my brain got stuck. It just melted down. So i started laughing. not a loud but a meer friendly laugh, and sayd these words :nooo, we are just working buddy's... Okay this right here, dont go in panic do something
els like. option 1. "well, who knows if the future can mess us up more then we allready are. Option 2. Yea, we could but she hasn't asked me out yet and smile. these two
options doesnt reject her, but simply state that you are interrested but aren't to hasty, and you can allways count her on saying something funny back. but be advised. You should have talked alot together first. like we did, after all we were the only two employees. well as her respond to my respond she also laughed and told them it was crazy.
I have allways been good to see peoples faceial expresses. I could see that she was a bit dissapointed. I pushed her away from me. Stupidity at it's finest. the most rookie
mistake you can make. i hated my self for that even today when i write this. well.. well, we began to eat. We allways did that after work, and that's also one of the lucky parts
of this job with her. Everytime i kept my cool. i knew that this place was the place to get some information out of her. girls like questions about them selfs, the problem
is how you ask the questions
. i've allways been good at it because i look at things in a diffrent perspective. E.g. Where do you live could be "where have you been hiding all these years? if she doesnt get the question you can tell her what you meant. She will feel abit dumb for not understanding the question but atleast now you are
above her at the interigation. yea, thats' right. Every time you get the chance to talk to the girl you need to learn more about her, until you know you have enough information
to use it later on.
i will get to that later.

Days went by until she texted me "You are coming to the club tonight?" i knew this was it. My game is to make her desire me more than i desire her. So i turned her down that day. I wanted her to know that i have other stuffs to do. By doing this she offcurse she will get abit sad. But trust me, this is going to be in my favor later on.
the next day she asked me what i was doing. For her to ask me what i was doing tells me i'm high in the interrest level in her mind. So i told her i was with some. friends that, and i was, I didnt lie to her, but i could have come if i wanted to. but i didnt tell her that.
I joked about her getting drunk and doing stupid stuff when she goes to party's.
I started playing with her, i touched her playfully on her arms and shoulders. intimacy is good, you have to make these kind of touches to make her more comfortable for later use. it's like riding a bike. You never felt safe on the bike first time did you?
well, so i red her mind, by her doing the same to me. I sang some songs and she sang
the same songs. I planted stuff in her head that would make her remember me. Days went by, until she told me this. "i dont date persons who remind me of a guy from my family.
This was a move she made, a move to tell me i was going to get under her level. So i decided to make a move. the next weekend, i asked her to come kick it in the city
with me. She was more than happy to join me.

Something about my self, i study economics and place my future above anything els. when i mean future i mean job. I live in this city where education isn't a high priority,
the city doesnt have the line of study that i desire. So i need to move into another city doing so. This comes into my mind so many times. And there is a long distance between
this city and the city i want to study in. So i clearly need to move soon and also told my self not to get a girlfriend before i go, because long distance relastionship wasn't
an option. I dont like it and i can't trust anyone when i'm not i'm near them. and i would just get out of my head if i cant be with the one i love.
This right here will backstab me later.

Well, the day we went out was also a day we worked together. She had a appointment with her girl friend in town. so she decided to go there and change cloth. I just went home
and later on went to some friends. becasue she wasn't ready yet "women". finaly she was ready we met halfway there, and my god she was beautiful. White top, black jeans and a necklass that fit her style perfeclty. she smelled like christmas. i dont know why i thought of that. Maybe because christmas is a time of joy and happyness, and clearly i was there.

We went to a bar. the plan was to play pool but all the pool tables were booked. so we sat us down and i ordered 3 drinks and she ordered 1. I was nervous, i felt like i had nothing to talk about. my thoughts ran away from me. i was empty, speechless. until she asked the first question. She asked if i knew anyone that would come to join us. and
then our conversation began. we talked for hours until it was 1 PM. and got our pooltable. we flirted alot and i made her smiley because i told her some awkward stories
about what me and some friends did back in the days. worth it.
The reason i choose to take her to the pool bar was because i was good at pool. Or atleast decent. and i knew from our conversations after work, that she was bad at it. See,
right there, i could use information that could get her to a date. aahwell. So i decided to learn her how to play pool and by doing so, i leaned at her from behind. intimacy, guys as i told you before, she feels comfortable with this now. She smiled, and didnt feel like i was creepy becuase we try'd this before. Just small steps.
My god she smelled nice, had the perfect body, soft and smooth. i had this fantacy to take her on the pooltable despite people being there. ehem.. i holded the stick right with her hands and mine and damn she learned fast. She even beated me twice. i told her that i lost purpose. but the truth is i was loosing and i couldnt do anything about it.
Still won 3 out of 5 games though. so it sounded trustfull.
Well the night went by and we decided to go to the clubs. We met with some of my friends. The club was nearly empty,
people werent there. If i remember right there only was about 40 people. Not cool. but we went to the dancefloor. My friends saw her and didnt want to near her because they knew it was my date. But somehow she didnt wanted to dance with me, even though i try'd to go to her. But everytime she just pasted over to my friend. My friend looked confused
and terryfied. so i took action by telling them to go sit down and get a drink. so we all did. We talked abit. She talked to my friends and not me, now i was confused. but i didnt loose my game, i stepped up. So i asked her if she didnt have any friends around tonight. She told me to follow her to the other club, where there was alot more people.
it's a famouse club in the city, and there is allways full. i hate it. you are packed in like ants crawling over eachother to get to a destination you want to reach. and when you dance on the dance floor you feel like the whole floor is a blender ready to tear you appart if you make a wrong move. You cant really talk to the girl you want to get home with because the dj is deaf. But well we went there, and i decided to make my move. My move was simple. I wanted to gain the upperhand, remember i want the girl to desire me more than i desire her. If it is the other way around... you get fucked. girls are that way, in my experience atleast. So when i met her girl friends i talked to them. I made them like me, made them laugh. and something a girl want the most is to feel comfortable and by doing so is to make her girlfriends happy.
There isnt anything better than to want them to tell good stuff about you. Remember girls talk about relationships and other useless and nonsens stuff.
but they are not useless and nonsens if they are talking about you. And you want the stuff they talk about if it is about you to be on the possitiv side.
We talked alot, and then i decide to talk to a old girl friend of mine. My date didnt know that she was and old friend. but that's just on my favor so this give me the upperhand. she came to me, as planned after we talked alot, me and the other girl, and asked me to go dance with her and her friends. I knew here that i had her right were i wanted her to be.
We got to dance, and now she danced with me, and no others. i made my dance moves and i dont know why but they work.. sadly because i know they suck. the only thing you need to do when dancing is to show that you aren't afraid to show your self. A woman loves when a man isnt afraid of anything, so show dominance at the dancefloor. But please dont go out there if you dance like the 90's. that's a turn off, as i have heard. So maybe just learn from people who already is dancing.
We started to dance closer to eachother and it went well. I asked her if she wanted to go to the bar and get some drinks. So we did. Remember the club was stuffed up because
of the tight place and hundreds of people. I took her hand and showed her the way. Like dominance and the ability to take controle. plus it was it was a reason to get her to
hold you part. it was easy and right on the right-foot. as some say.. well we got our drinks and looked at eachothers eyes. i never forget this.. never.. or atleast until there has
been going 2-4 years. I just sat there and looked at her, wanted to kiss her. i knew that this was the right moment, this was the part where i close the deal and get her.
She was ready for me. she desired me more than anything in the world. she had those eyes of a kitten when it wants something. so sweet, and beautifull. and then my brain just
took over. my brain told me i shouldnt do it, because i soon wil bel moving to the other city and i shouldn't let her down or make her feel terrible. This... this right here was the start
if me loosing my game
. i told her to follow me to the other club where my friends use to hang out. She looked confused (with good reason) and just followed me. I holded her
hands and leaded her all night.
The night went on and we just ended holding hands until i decided to go home. She begged me to stay and hang out with her friends and her. and i declined. THIS isnt where you
should let her down. When you are at the max scale of the interrest level. You dont back off, even if you have this bad excuse for studying in another city. you go all-in.
You dont fold, you dont come with excuses, you just make anykind
of move and she will follow. but leaving her alone when she beggs you? that is stupid. stupid especially when you both have been together all night and when she have this lust,
thirst and most of all the desire for you. So i made a decision that would kill me later on.

End of chapt. 1.

Dating is like i game of poker. You make dared calls, you read the minds of the players, you fold when you need to, you go all in and you can lose. but losing isnt an option
for the most of us.

I played the game with good hands, i called and folded the right moments. i had the stackes, had the lead. I outplayed her. until i folded where i should have went all in.
I started playing without the brain, the heart without a brain is a country without a goverment to lead. You want the right things, but you cant make the obvious calls.
I started to play a lost game, a game where i was alone at the table. On the other side of table it was dark, i try'd to find a way to turn on the switch. but i couldn't,
i try'd to focus and see if i could get a glance, but what i saw was a mere shade of the girl i was playing with. Somehow my heart kept playing, playing with all i had left.
The desperate part of me that wanted to keep playing. Even though i knew she left the table long time ago.

My brain stopped work with it, but my heart kept going on. and playing a game like this, without the brain. Makes you lose.


Thanks for reading this story. A story that has happended for me in real life. i'm not done with it. since this only is the start of it. in the next chapter i will be telling how you know she wont date you, and how to know when the game is lost.

I wrote this story to tell my self it's over. I needed some kind of closure an ending to all this. it has brought me out of the game, the game i love. As said in the beginning, i'm not a lady's man, but i got experience. I play my game the way i play it. so you can decide if you want to use this or not. My game is after all making them desire me than i desire them. And it's a lot of work. But worth it.

Grammar, commas and other stuff is something i will be editing later. i just havn't got the time right now.


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