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Madi's Eyes are like the dark blue ocean waking up at dusk.

Submitted: June 05, 2010

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Submitted: June 05, 2010



Madi Lahrou is a 16 year old girl with a secret:She can controll anything water.Her eyes are a dark blue color.She dosen't like using her powers but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


The sun greets me in the morning as I sit up quickly.I turn my head to the clock and see that the bus is about to leave."Shit",I curse and run over to my dresser.I pick out a dress and put my hair into a sloppy pony tail.I don't even bother about my make up and run out the door."Wait wait wait"!!!!! I scream as it stops.I may be the most popular girl in high school,but that dosen't really mean I can take a limo to school every day.In the bus,my best friends,Natalie and Rachel are waiting for me in the front."Hey guys",I say in relief that I made it in.The lousy old bus driver glares at me."This is the fourth time this week Ms.Lahrou.And everytime you promissed you wouldn't" Martha,our bus driver calls out.I roll my eyes as I sit down and look at the back.All alone sits my lab partner,Bethany Gates.When I was in middle school,and not popular,she used to be my best friend.We would have sleepovers,study at eachothers houses,and much much more.But since the first year of highschool,my parents became rich,I got contacts,and I moved away from her.We never spoke again.Sometimes,I feel like walking over to her and start to cry alot.I look back as the bus comes to a stop.All the kids fall forward and bump their heads against the other seats.Martha then spoke up."Oh i'm sorry,THAT'S FOR BEING SUCH LAZY ASS KIDS"!!!! I look forward at the window to see my school,Januwin (Jan-u-win) High School.I smile as my friends grab my hand and run out to our 'spot' at the willow tree."So.....I noticed that you didn't put on make uppppp",Rachel says handing me tons of makeup.I smile and mouth out 'thanks' as I apply eyeliner and lipstick.I sat down with one leg in and one leg out as I gave her back the make up.

"So um,do you guys have any date for the Spring Prom....-Wait-Do you guys know it's on Tuesday"????They gasp and turn around and started jumping all over the place."OH GOD DAMMIT!!!WE FORGOT AGAIN"!!!!! I laugh as the two settle down and sit back by the tree."So who are you taking Madeline"?They both ask and say my full name.Then,the room gets better as Tyler,comes out from the school.He was emo,but yet,handsome.His snake bites look perfect with his pale,cold skin.In the sun,his skin glittlers like a thousand little white stars and hiis hair is a nice raven color.His smile gives a warm feeling a shivers down your back.He walks toward me as I point out;"I'm taking Skylar,My boyfriend".

DUH DUH DUH DONE!!!!!! That was the perfect ending of my new story,Madi's Eyes.I know it really didn't have anything to do with her eyes,but in the next one it will.Plz rate and comment 'cause I literally spent all day on this.Kk!Bye!!!

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