The Emma Welsh Show

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Submitted: May 21, 2010

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Submitted: May 21, 2010



The Emma Welsh Show Starts Now!

Guest Invited:

Selena Garcia!

Jessica Lee Williams!

Bradly T. Johnson!

And Leslie Ann Jones!

Emma:Hello and welcome to the emma welsh show!!!

-people clap-

Emma:Ok,today on the show you guys all know her for a great writing skills.People have praised her for her romance,Red And Dangerous,give it up for the fifteen year old,Selena Garcia!!!!

-Selena waves to the crowd and sits down-

Selena:Hey Emma.I'm delighted to be on your show.

Emma:That's wonderful! Isn't she adorable everyone?I mean I could just eat her up yum yum yum.

-Selena Blushes-

Emma:So today you are here for your fans and your storys.First things first,what are you continuing and not continuing?

Selena:Well,the ones I will be continuing is,Cresent School Papers,Living On The Edge,Basiclly all of them except one.I am not continuing Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me.I'm sorry but I just don't feel it anymore.

Emma:Awww.Well that's sad for all the fans out there.Now tell me,in out online chat together,you told me that you were making a new story.What's with that?

Selena:Well,I am gonna make a new story called "The Other Side Of This World" which is about three friends on an adventure to find out who their parents are.It takes them on adventures like romeance,new friends on the way,and many more.I hope you like it fans!

Emma:Yes and I hope you guys like the sneek peek for "The Other Side Of This World" at the end of the show!

Selena:Ok so I better get going.My mom says that it's Taco Night and I don't want to be late.Bye!!!!

-waves to the crowd,hugs emma.And leaves-

Emma:Ok!Now that she's gone I have a suprise!It's the three main characters from "tosotw".That's short for "the other side of this world".

-Everyone in audience claps-

Emma:Ok,first we have the beautiful beloved daughter of Haley Williams,the lead singer of the band,Thorns,put your handss together for,Jessica Lee Williams!!

-Everyone claps as jessica comes out-


Emma:Hello There.So is this your first movie?

Jessica:Yes actually,the only thing that I usally do is sing for my band.

Emma:I see now,who do you play in this movie?

Jessica:Oh um I play Samantha Jo Tompson.Sam for short though.Uh,Sam is going through a rough time with her mom since her parents divorce,and her mom finally decides that it's best for Sam to go to a Bording school for a summer.There she meets friends who need to find Their parents 'cause their orphans.

Emma:Ahh.I see.So the object of the movie is to find the other twos parents.

Jessica:Basiclly yea.

Emma:So tell me,how is it like to be in your first movie?

Jessica:Well,it's actually really fun 'cause I get to use a green screen and work with tons of new people.But you now usally i'm back at my home in Franklin,Tennesse.And when you meet the actors and actress beside you,it's really akward when you try to make up something to say 'cause your like "Hey i'm brainwashed right now.

-everyone laughs-

Emma:Alright so I think we got enough from you.I will be reading you soon!

-waves goodbye and leaves-

Emma:Ok now it's time for nineteen year old Bradly T. Johnson!!!!


Emma:Hi.Now let's talk about your role.

Bradly:Well,I play a struggling teen named Jake Harrison who is stuck in a Bording school untill he's 22.But when Sam comes,his whole life turns around when he first talks to her.He starts to fall for her untill they finally you-know-what.

Emma:Interesting.Now I've seen you in different movies,but they were all adult parts.Why?

Bradly:Well,all of the people,like the directors on the film were looking for tall people.So when I auditioned for Chris,On the hit book Clear,they actually thought I was a Adult.So I got casted.

Emma:Cool.Ok now that we got some information from you,it's time for a new person.Bye!!!

-waves to the crowd and leaves-

Emma:Now let's give it up for.......Leslie Ann Jones!!!!

-waves to the crowd and sits down.

Leslie:Hi.It's nice to be here!

Emma:It's nice to see you!So to my information,you play the snotty girl.

Leslie:Uh,yes.I play Angela Peterson who is one of those rich people who can sometimes be snotty,but not all the times.She is the same as Jake and needs to find her family,but it all turns wrong when Sam arrives,when Jake falls for sam,and ruins her and jakes relationship.

Emma:Alright.We gotta rap this up.So thanks for coming.

Leslie:No thank yo-

Emma:Alright bye.

- Now for the Sneek-Peek of "The Other Side Of This World"-

I am like everybody else.My mom and dad are divorced,and the suffers of my life are basically over.That is,untill my mom sent me to a bording school.I meet two friends.Jake and Angela.But when I find out that they need to find their parents.It takes hard work to get up high in the sky and down low to where hell creeps on every corner.My only decision is to go with them.That is,if all of us come back alive.

From The Producer Of Selena Garcia,The World Falls Down In "The Other Side Of This World"

"Don't let go of me Sam"! "I wouldn't depend on it"!!!

The end.

Emma:Well,I hope you liked this show!Ta ta for now!!!!

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