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Just some new storys I will post up!!

Submitted: April 07, 2010

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Submitted: April 07, 2010



Hey peoples!!

So you know how I said I "Might" continue True Lies?Well yes I will.Buttt,,,,,,It will have a diff name.It's name will be:"Living On The Edge".K?

I will also be starting a new story called "Liz Welsh".At the end of the updates,I will have an intro for it!!!

I may not be able to get them out really slowly (I know that's awesome) 'cause I can't wait for how they all look like [lol]!!

Ok so here's the intro for my new story,Liz Welsh!!

Have you every felt that your family ignores you just because your smart?Well,I have.My name is Elisabeth Ann Welsh,but people call me Lizzy.I get A+ in everything!!!My family is rich and is snotty.Talk about my mom,She's 43 and she looks like she's 23!That's called plastic surgery right there.My dad is just UGH!Then there is my older twin sisters.Amailia and Trisha.There both 16.I'm only 13.Now if you think that's a life?Then your already wrong.You know how in those snotty movies how there's a popular girl?Well so at my school.My crush is this guy who does sports named Luis Masterman.The only thing is he's normal.
I don't think i'll ever have a normal life!!
That's the intro!!Hope you listen to Chapter 1-Dreams don't come true?

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