The Body

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Abandoned

Who do you call when you find you have a dead body lying in your bed.

Brad sat on the end of the bed, he was sweating so bad it was running into his eyes and his fingers shook as he tried to punch in the code on his cell phone. He kept asking himself why hadn’t he programmed the touch id. He glanced up at the mirror across the room, but quickly averted his eyes before what laid behind him came into focus. Finally, he got it unlocked and pulled up his list of contacts. Scrolling through it, he wondered who to call.

He scrolled up and down the list, trying to decide. In this kind of situation, you only got one call, and if you picked the wrong person you were so fucked. He passed over the name three times, then stopped on it, Dustin James. Dustin had been the kid in high school everybody thought would be a criminal. He and Dustin had nothing in common, but they had been friends and after high school, they had stayed in touch.

Brad was about to keep scrolling when he decided that for some crazy reason Dustin was the man he needed. The phone rang four times, and he was about to hang up when Dustin answered.

“Do you know what fucking time it is?”

“Dustin, it’s Brad. Bradley Proto.”

“I know it is you Proto, caller id asshole. Why the fuck are you calling me in the middle of the night?”

He forces out a chuckle, “Well I was hoping you could help me out, I kind of made a mistake, and well… I need help.”

“If you need money, call me in the morning, I can lend you some.”

“It isn’t money. I…,” he looked back over his shoulder and shuddered. “I need you to help me get rid of a body.”

“Fuck dude, you call me in the middle of the night to play some stupid- “

“I’m not joking. I have a dead woman in my bed.”

All goes quiet on the other end of the connection. Brad wonders if Dustin was calling the cops.


“Sorry, I had to go in the other room. I didn’t want to wake up the wife.”

“Can you help me out?”

“You ask that like you just want to borrow a couple hundred or move some furniture. We are talking about a dead body. Did you kill her?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“If you didn’t kill her, then the best option is the police.”

“I may have slipped her something.”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Of all the people you could have called, you call me.”

“So, are you going to help me?”

“I got no fucking choice since you called me. Is there blood?”

“No. No blood, she just won’t wake up.”

“Are you sure she is dead, she could just be passed out?”

“I checked her pulse and even held a mirror over her mouth she isn’t breathing.”

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes, no better make the thirty. While you wait for me, gather up her stuff and put it with the body.”

“Okay, anything else?”

Dustin had already hung up.




Dustin sat down in the recliner and lit a smoke. He mentally went over what he was going to need. Everything he should need was in his truck. He inhaled deeply on the smoke and thought about what he was about to do. If he walked out that door and got into his truck, he would be an accessory, but if he made the call, he should he was a rat. Blowing the smoke out, he stood up and headed for the bedroom to grab his clothes.

He jotted down a quick note for his wife before he headed out the door. Twenty years he had kept his nose clean, stayed away from the friends that were into the criminal shit, and tonight he was about to go further than he had ever gone. The drive seemed to take less time than normal, and he stopped a block from Brad’s house to have another smoke. Dustin could still make the call. He would have to explain why it took him thirty minutes, but he could. He reached for his phone, but he called Brad’s number.

“I’m a block away so open the garage door.”


He drove up to the house as the garage door went up, so he swung into the driveway and right into the garage. Brad stood by the controls of the garage door as Dustin parked and jumped out.

“Close the damn door unless you want your neighbors to see us load it into my truck.”

“Oh, yeah.” Brad punched the button to close the door.

“Before I do anything, I need to know a few things.”


“Where did you meet this woman?”

“At a bar, it was someplace downtown.”

“You ever been there before?”

“No. I stopped in for a drink and well we started talking.”

“You slipped her something, what was it?”


“What the fuck dude, you don’t micky a girl and bring her back to your house?”

“I didn’t know where I should have taken her.”

“An alley or a parking garage,” Dustin spat out as he walked into the house.


The dark-haired woman laid on the bed in a pink bra and panty set. Dustin stumbled as his eyes fell onto her face. He walked forward in a daze and dropped to his knees beside the bed as he dug for his cell phone in his coat pocket.

“Who are you calling?”

“The cops.”

 “You said you would help me.”

 “You didn’t tell me that the sixteen-year-old girl in your bed was my step-daughter.”


Submitted: February 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Gypsy Rose. All rights reserved.

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