avocado in hand checking for crook of arm or other way

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lost more than a stanza outside or lymph can by phone call
welcome return as rose from dandelion not late night to
exceptional line implied or which cancels an opening as ripe
peace to ooze more than a saying or announce to spontaneous
what an adjective to abortion as enclave with no gardening
but traffic run over from trend and tendency not rendering
what a gallop could exercise as liver not walled off beeing
as by because or a plumb is marketed for what it isn't as to compound hg grab any to none

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



damselfly found me with specialness of splash as wing to be
by shortly while i then moved from drive of pesticide
small as not to be lost or scattered people not to be
gathered as dots on pages only or trimesters a specialty
from placenta neighbor hg human or not trickle down or up
but keep in mind between to get through always dimensionally
as soak with shifted confidence of cloud or no whimper
downpour to react elated not methylated lush isn't left so

the figure eight gail felt good after a dance for that
connection however had to knock down my dress when wind only
moved it around a ferment tries for function back in place
after malfunction gusts of mercury by no gusto come on daisy
i'll be out here so long as your neighbor not mamma you
don't have to listen to them so not me unless we stay on
right chain as bellow of door bells or pleasure of homes
not to insert anstiness but everything

not stuck at ant's all to see but inspiration one had a
seed with tug through breeze then let go to circling can't
believe where'd it go as my miscarriage how sad doesn't
have to be asked of known spot of comfort colloquial or
contration's seeping more than separated as zoomed daughter's
ankles show motion more than step malleable by bone to not
just stomp as pushes may just press tiny always outside
composite of composure as matrix to not mask mercurially

have you ever seen a damselfly's mouth move especially
opposite weaving worry observation getting deep breath
beautiful as a face in front of me may you have beauty
reflected more than water pivotal root or tip not to be
heavy as mercury's not amniotic mirror glass environment
for making losing one now on train of thought spiral
railroad tracks hope to rejoin as wanting wake from nap
extreme tired mid day or life can't ignore from hungry or  ephemeral

birds do you have that come and get it tune too as we sing
for our bright events withut there as if hate didn't i have
short time to shortness but as system scalding if shallow
to flow immerse where read isn't mixed to just be heard as
that or see care just written but as springing as on off
shoulder isn't gorgeous faux gorged we can't make a toy
of satisfaction but to sit with it started spoken stare respirated

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