can't write it all ourselves

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tree or to sapling not just sampling some say hug trees or
child how about watering root to tip for what's between no
tripod to just see stucture of strawberry and not leaf
turn to its change for add air dried by moist not worthless
to wonder loved at what point going towards as grasshopper
or what helps breastfeeding vaues aids adult lady as not
bugged to uncurl fetal shock in alloy not for yield like
ma can have space if holding self or have hand persistent more than our trying

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



forgetting what i prayed in morning but remembering night's
might i look forward to afternoon for recollection nigh
through triggers of repetition or as resurrection oh mode
to be known or epitomized way not just atomized as rumble
is heard not dispersed but interspersed in my yard attempted
for measurements i wait not just anticipating mask thistle
tho two days ago while barrier think is multiple like placenta
might i not have replaced cover for thunder not to be nimbus

oh birds after the truck ran away you're not running off and
is that your song i'm singing with you even steering stereo
of that as another is not shy now never automatic as anatomy
i'm brush my hair through breeze cleared for like i saw you
or yours needing out what was called debris and i should've
counted such from the ground not to come whole but entirely
needed as around shell in patience or streamed than mercury
to be a mismatch as miscarriage mushroom can as situation mushroominghandled aired

or yeasted to distinguish stop or end too cute too emotional
lymph's meal particular as particles watermelon rind filled
until all can come out of box eating nibble as feedable to
baby after expulsion am i passing hg grade responsibility
recall to not lecture such but recourse for it to surge by
what assists all not expectation of surmise versus sunrise
.. somewhere had music but not here yet can't i remember as
when pregnancy goes from hapiness there isencompassing
big picture from peep to people by that mounted love not avalanching

unblanched my hand going down your arm no clean slate like
this in quarry shoulder shifting shrug i'm not tiring quit
as amniotic of once i struggled through distill to touch you
but may good of oregano be your girl not or guy goes on trip internal or rinse
like side field can't still be found before home embrace
massage's driveway as gathering bond not to be put aside
transpose not person to person not that way as amalgam makes
not but murks or anything not complete in basics but spikes

yet can increase tune's deep breath tested yes continuing
relate to you not shirt short of clay soil sculpting yond
me peasant isn't just put on for no evidence to tug ambience
bee or inviting sting out i don't know if i could recolor stretch seamless ego to ergo

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