daisy's bye's implied by usual dad late washer awareness

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eimination communication when yet cueing segment quantity
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digestion update pregnancy versus mercury cover up or ripe
or tender isn't occasion as transition season and birth
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Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



going to come out like i don't want to think to enjoy
taking a breath around every moment when the olfactory is
falling apart thyroid keep it together or has mercury
wedged which i haven't hedged as yard of trees isn't
privacy of birth since gasp but damselffly can be bright
blue or gray as cloud is variable to what can be developed
or even fully identified emotional as psalmic beyond
balsamic solution when immerison is not overly subtle

dexterity as dextrose wild fermented rice fibromyalgia
analysis in that right hand as enzymes too to pounds or
spiritual diet etch habits not otherwise by fruitage of such
bless those not just naturally thin off opposite expect
or never simply human but who's people ie baby since by
mother of garden not yet to be ignored or happiness by
instrumental joy implemented like happy provider for who
looks right to keep improving as to stretch not over girl

tool for observation can be simultaneously against curling
while measuring white knuckling in held hand suggesting mcs
dentist now when emergency can be stages as ripe need
decayed pattern always up down or triggered i hear machines
do the workers have a headache or a song with that quick
beat let's dance more than convenience but what can rinse
to compromise natural expedited as belly gyration to gender
born with nature yet nurtured so encouragement's not for
off grid to only grind as air's not just for ballooning pop

upset as smog of intersection can't flip to follow when i
still have nose you wouldn't like or breaking liver in
zoomed breath as enzyme or hormone harmony but hg is no
hanger you come to my advice of total shape with gland as
little one not with mercury's scribble grey clouds as
looking through screen for scenery rapport or tripped do we
carry a bubble or bubbling hear when not pressured or to i
agree with your eye is staying together in slideshows of
roses or symbols like gestures versus extra effort as
flower for another level as earth is with love beyond basic thought still empty

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