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grasshopper can touch more than a twig when dehydration is
beyond hiding and daughter can get to array versus only rays
as to laminate linear sweat and oil or confounding compared
to what's freeing as having cause or ultimate of all meeting
into matrix as she wasn't with much amalgam as mamma's
emergence of earth yet cloud got splayed aft daisy displayed
space to not just play but now i want stretch for tears
to be asymptotic from one sweet touch of spirited border as who sided

Submitted: July 15, 2011

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Submitted: July 15, 2011



i can close my eyes to a brightness though i got a glimpse
of the beautiful ramp my husband built but i stood on it
to get another reflection until that got too hot and then
it was just empty or dormant of ma in purpose before that's
replaced or not stuffed for a stop but smoothed atmosphere
is a welcome to be known or more than needed introduction
tomorrow is in hand rotating never just tomato in ours turn
to that mat which isn't just compost or waste of us sieve strive

tried to look past white house to distant blanco horse but
didn't find its spot as i stayed with what could be a breath's
sprinkle from an ivory tusk or one that might be down like
maybe some unglaring hose squirting on the grass without
its irrigation gate but I see a rainbow of plain things from
butterfly to morning glory except for my personal cloud the
way i won't mirror teeth baby mamma by my pink gums and
improved tongue when mate wants to talk while i'd sing not

just energy of ferment but momentum away from clinical facts
that can be rude as mercury or market not for ripe anywhere
can i move on to song when something else can't be typed
however there's a font of fount to not be labeled but learn
love still as good day with ma's knowing such can wave
through me as tree limbs under water not ignored to just
sun of new hour cycle and as kinked outpour can change see
the red bush actually has green leaves no autumatic shade description

i'm unable to romp from imagination or memory of more than
any pony yet i have wonderful few weeks before weak because
there's to be a revamping as bee not blind at pine where's
the flower it smells good when there is no embryonic flash
to be with false fragrance compounding mercury's no pundit
punt to runt of bud rather extra orchid endurance desert sunned
fleurish is cultivated care to be not just wild expectations unleft
as toddler can fall and be okay or elderly or whoa whole oh no

watermelon dripped to cascade to ma's dish choice of release
to flex to her feet so her arm can go up in joint' joy i'll
find rind rounding quinoa greens keen basket o taste skimmed
immersing next even like discovered bug's ribbon to plant child by wraps edit's for deleting if love's not it

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