i'm not a poet to everybody but

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you quieted your talk the period was oh darling that feels
good i rubbed a prelude massage might become music you nod
strummed unrelentless relief cleared touching you makes me
want to sing respiration reception be by your cells not only
feel pain as to keep the tune out but be tuning similar to
my wound up to warmth of yours contemplating a blanket if
children would be then negative isn't from the freedom but
what to give not veering off a spark that's more than a kiss

at a blow of breath for aroma in aware need of sweet
never forced as what can't be an eye smile of amalgam

Submitted: July 13, 2011

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Submitted: July 13, 2011



two quiet birds were watched in the sky after i listened
in on my daughter's visit of speaker phone to have my thanks
graciously for individual whether calling her grandma for
but not in part would be comfortable like not taking me back
to foster care through this half hour and lemonade can be
natural as butterflies by damselflies at berries of pine not
burying them though naked of flowers snuggle with yet we've
verifiable synthetic isn't necessary but taken care of ie

smocked dress returns danced fabric fold unfold flora print
homogeneous souvenir of field enumeration for denominator
as brastfeed can be of stretched access beyond extra like
a mask is too much for breath versus a poncho on their face
but we get to everything not through our teeth never shred
psalm past metering someone causing to become as hortcoming
not shortcoming as mercury to map miscarriage spot mellow
honeydew melon skin can be wonderful cucumber cue completely

mixes may show maxes more than just patience to no pen of
penetration sporadic ripe many obscurities or which reason
as non smoker just has another depletion of thyroid or
thinning inflamation of not whatchamacallit lungs mispell
as hg to here i need the air so i'll stay then comb looked
up at thunder not just tangles but laundry smell was my
lightening speed entrance which is an exit as spontaneous
recoil exploration without imploration as cloud uncycled pleat

or beyond wind direction to no inspiration in chartreuse
question yellow or green stability is needed or calf
exercise can excise it as brushing hair using cradle arm
like violin or song after argument where's the music
consistency stand to chachacha can't be on the go if not
stopping for the galvanization not just gal or of that love
that also lags but container of no negative atmosphere with
where there's never the hole to fill with sadness of flat

if knocking a knee is found only vulnerable  up at night to
get stronger than toxin sensical as one not able to handle
alarm of adrenaline what else is needed to lean as estrogen
no crutch but ascorbic clutch of straightening insight of really ready

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