ladybug in face 3d move butterfly curtain not mask miscarriage point cloud child liquid danger fruit nonmere

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hot topic isn't poetry are parts of what can't be stopped
as swath of outgrown but then stitched to relate not just
put away as to be grouped like pinky to mano and such
society aspect not said to be dismembered acknowledged for
edit as habit protected versus just shrug to ash of no sash
times no poem by nature though poetic like no appeal yet
enrichment needing spark as sprout of spine one showed
retreat isn't in trees but the bounds of bountiness so

leaps and cricket can sound like wound up clock however
inspires speech by spring not ephemeral or mercurial
obvious or surmise life's just ideas without paradise or
connect next handle where or no as bubble can be in water
unforced but with blood as for splitting into honeycomb nest
lattice or lace usual as mine salt numbered to every
mineral or waving a weave of numbers to each that don't
need fad of only dependence

Submitted: July 14, 2011

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Submitted: July 14, 2011



he didn't want me left in the window oh like a figurine to
not figure past the bay but as breath that isn't for drama
as a nightmare i rise better than stalled if lessoned to
cane not being for hitting as not knowing juice of energy
but real help as inadequate to yard as qcumber guess what
is to curl lip to ear or pen more than phonetics in person
encourage correct spelling as hg pronoun to door or around
room still excited to share as repair is trusted beyond just be

horsie husband wondered if unhappy there spectacular more
than speck what seems antsiness can be spirited as spotter
to twenty acres versus dog sitting even if I sung down the
ditch as i knew daisy vibrant in pregnancy but then a kick
can slip miscarriage nudge unscrolled stroll righteous tide
at mercury sealant now i can cry ripest watermelon too late
not molding minumum unburdened as ten minutes for ma proof
of day to penetrate to not topple side to front rotate sun

whereas told food lets us be as any commandment tha can cause

o trimester etcetera see cloud go by postcard to postpartum
then i watered trees with white hose chosen as concern how
i saw gurgle as neigh traces for spontaneous abortion that
didn't get story oh embryo bring baby track hoof unfooled
by pines without azomite stimulus as brown clouds left my
peasant insistence for hold on more than respiration ah
kink of nerve can be as deficiency like daughter kind of
sees chore in doing not something to be done so struggle
until as kindergarten or not to learn separation but by

inspiring then individual interaction not deterring
determination as making me strange to not know mamma
what will i do with that melon allowance to skin even yours
in sample combined ferment while tomato almost fell from
shelf but was on vine blindfold flips to nose of no tone in
noticing as mercury crawls to nerves night and day bright
pregnancy but without pores but sun spots or macro micro
to no mic but adjective excitd grateful with layer repair

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