negative gaps or grade by encompassing

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lose pound in poem gain what in losing them as half way done
may move daisy to song fraction use which is for a finish
as i fennel fan a rest in knowing i can give for else as
hunger improvement more me to sympathize all conservative
grasshopper hues are in lush morning glories yet unexplored
by me as beauty is not for pretending fermented inroads
rivulet contemplate tame patience around corner or day not
to be escapism for gulp when our leap is in celebrat...ion
nontight dance area are we as ants trying towards safer felt
spot until choreographed with a protection of ie hg ae rhymed

Submitted: July 13, 2011

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Submitted: July 13, 2011



no time to laugh avocado came first for daughter with pause
as my passion wasn't to forget energy of uterus besides me
thinking i'm okay dentist smile or mcs is just weird humor
but wired as unripe ignore to huh being enjoyed now that i
know premised daisy's sentiment for perfection from crowd
handshaked to microphone break of interlude but include
she'd prepare a read of previous instead of write afterwards
yes awareness is for smoothness as i'd not jump by mercury
for baby to prove it as lyrical lymph with ripe oomph ooh mph

as bird i heard you and that datum didn't let the machine ache
drown you out or momentum of what's to be as horse not to
trot totally stronger but gal where's your gallop to not
lop to lull hg as stump of healing or generating loll pulp
never just plush yet ants interrupted are both giving up as
mother after miscarriage but to garden more than tombstone
memories reasonable's between caution but not oblivious to
slightly needing to push self to not just give agreement to

horsie on other side of asphalt as tho its nonexistent you
pace like to be discovered and i sing from where my breath
could you're a beautiful as an external evidence of liver
even inviting a ride for such deliveries or indirectly we
can know your traits for a pick me up as my thoughts stay
on you as I water trees with twig soil making brown not of
organ color so it's as a clouded loss of what couldn't be
recycled or pop inflation versus solid embossed trickle of stretch

a window of opportunity isn't in a square of sun yet isn't
it to be rounded still for sorting as hg's vinegar can be
giving attatched to next stage of ripe or just purely shout
what ricochets sachet share ductile neckline not only down
oh a hose left in the pines is not continuing when
restarted to expulsion can't be started as that like splice
of umbilical times from what seemed okay now flux alters or
material slides such combination but my patch on my side of
holding on for placenta principley got photo again apt

towards more than adapting tippytoe bucket tuck beyond ticket

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