not nice why chuckle

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dulse no secret of dhea
with daisy as still of breast
as i eat it now overcoming
thyroid drop as spontaneous abortion
of amalgam as amniotic seaweed to only
mean entanglement to not get nutrition
in accumulated mass or next batch
but by one with more than tide to not gasp breath

Submitted: June 20, 2011

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Submitted: June 20, 2011



suddenly malaised as lazy
equally so finding opportunity in tune of
sorrow crescendo dance
reshape some can't save
breath of smell to not need thistle tickle
pulse isn't attractive balance
shock check of bug resonating mercury beyond garage
grasshopper pregnancy size in my lymph

body you don't know how to talk
as miscarried almost didn't mcs
translate is terrible to let grow
dull is not ladling as for umbilical or generate ma
fermenting awareness hg or excess yet's no crunch
of abs to base gut as to diaphragm
music not just whispered to daisy
perse when no reach of cloud as person

mood as or of product's investigated
to natural spectrum from spiral
as greek alphabet to just language
magnification articulate magnesium
gymnastic by juniper perceiving jupiter
or what might orbit for a berry
for night hair to not flip what is expansion
as daisy not wobbling thoughts missing daddy
on trip but stand them alert waiting as my silent sincerity stretching yard or s

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