painful implication lines not for poetry's potpouri presently

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it can be too hot for chirps to percolate even it's
evaporated as my nest almost but there's a warmth that's
cool to show next as maturation gust butterfly you're pretty
by my shoulder like peasant dress there to remember to be
for you and child to point as now daisy has me check her
toenal like lepidoptera entail tangle compensate lactate tears
if lost but she dried thoses n there's a pliable application
or transition of around neighbor ride passing me as passenger
not watching cloud in mask cloth to ventilate fiber of fabric

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



blueberries what else will i remember a song can seem to
have nothing else but i woke worried i missed a phone call
for ma and i but they didn't go to a meeting this morning
for me to join goodness from my room but a trip nonvacating
vaccinium to be mirrored between ma's and my looking at new
day not to invent immune shocks to such cushion even as they
deliver or relay while moan isn't with all nourishing segue as
i hand which is ripe like where feet are eased or with as breath

do i choke on aloe vera never earlier sick to try so much
now or if in lieu of not embellishing methylation of embryo
i'm not the brightener of that anymore but to catch catching
on cohesive set is from valid check that can yet be done
for no ping pong interpretation grimace if not say something
child not just collected by us sampled still simulate stuff
conscience or instinct minor on own miscarriage time of
momentum but poem to phone they are to be in mention unstiff

tone deaf sing by them there or messaged map nonopposite on
sidewalk from feeling in yard of behavior or flick's deform
as mercury on tooth versus remineralization so now seal
nose in deflated feel oh hydrogen atom's no ion calmed voice
nor woman daisy wouldn't story stereotype from ear phonetic
when communication can maneuver for no manipulation horse
what's so fun you needn't nickname from how i identified you
before energy current though i'd like introduction from
observation practicing parrot pacing for owner or wire open

i love you i don’t have to say i really love you do i when
you're in doubt ah miscarried i more than changed my mind
threshold of door won't let wheelchair feet try to help dance
single quote antsily still prove movement but not main as
with system change by aid or us no anty to taint aint it
tougher or reflective hold at pinnacle of branching as baby
feels trunk stemming yet to no start over parts per billion
clinically or sensitively negible isn't nothing as liver's
at vulnerable absorbtion proportion some can't outgrow as
malfunction put up to empathy minute to minutes say said
hollow without what I could show numbers aren't unique always

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