sound of motor sounds so serious or motivation

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comfortable for all or trouble is not
severing solitude to lonely place with street
of isometric pressure when umbilical cord
can't take cues of thoughts as sprinkle
of self but for together to quote what listen
or guess good as dentist partitioning ground
hap banana peel brush mature back to maternal
or travel pain in frame of picture hazard whizzed

Submitted: June 19, 2011

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Submitted: June 19, 2011



if embarrassmment could be as impediment
to suggest wish to die slur life blurred
or agree through these teeth malingering
is not verification consent for unburdened
exactly to leverage grin over grind by and
kindness works only in broken mold of break -
age as methylated can't exemplify only stretch
after miscarriage but more move than mcs dot

daisy as one of summits with closed door love
when we can all stay mounted on one of basics
to be kept up with as returning in freeing chorus
in other chord from malfunction emotional won't
be to normalcy by any other standard as dance off
exhaustion of hg knowing it's under to glimpse
fermentation is stronger than meaner except
in desperation for our time to balance lunge

beyond legs of horse walk away lecture
worthwhile as liver interspersed step
of refresh yards or subset to take next
as ma we can have indirect if facilitating
direct like sun ripened isn't only to
glutes but as to one there a glutathione
channel of taking in checks beyond posing
disposition what points away isn't a point
as placenta isn't barrier if not whittling whiff of shady risk or repair all bright not just eye even

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