stopped singing and sewing

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horrible neutralizing and i don't want to yell i feel sretch
younger when cheeks have squirrel energy or contained to
ferment but i have a deep breath from a hum how about a song
drip banana as unhinging provision of much among clouds
like i named for form and denoting that via protection by
pro tent of it rainbow doubled as then now for thoroughness
as kindness needingly felt not needlingmay i echinacea niche
myself and not shock them what i can't handle but repair

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



a thread broke as a thought did daughter felt bad but glad
for analysis of what loosened as i was taking down a long
halter string like an umbilical cord to a shorter one was i
already sad as seeing daisy's then cloud's where flex didn't
matter yet i had white filament as well changed from black
like a name of firmament can be meant firmly though switched
off nancy two weeks or so prior the birth at could happen i
was strong then or crooked needle of mercury wasn't all over

loose string on poke stick with its hole of hold was left
in grass as i tied the other to nine ten oh and seemed right
at first that compared back to vestige parts of her cloths
of childhood but then when it got cleared such is also like
a lost item fraction even but for needles of creativity to
remain i squinted to take the smocked organized moment in by
her typing what might've bothered her after i have to stitch
further with thistle to nestle as if i can write on website she's at among contests known

what i give can be thrown away like miscarriage misconstrued
rued construction versus continuity fruitage that can grow
aloe through night not little love a lot of hg methylating
snooze to no smle energized as for birth or regenerate as
take off leek seal of cucumber leak for ma why do we stop
love oh lawless layers protect polite can't give 123 but two
to three like i'd pick up from a trimester for asked time
in committing traffic took away a sentence undesperate or
provide view worry knee or joint of appeal unpeeled immersed

may i not tear when i get frustrated as child at shoelace
which is what ma gave up for her hairtie as i have heart
to cut the top of a sock or turn over to open legwarmer
as to count toes since birth into next exercise i circle
dr scholl's to kick them off for wood ramp and grass
carpet outside ike no diorama needed by my daughter's exit
but if i'm tight still under improved face of pace of
mercury's ripe counterpoint and beat i'd be happier if i
sang you think i did too but a lullaby could come up from
what i dulled as i clean when no one is around a curious cry
imagines who didn't get to see but by cause for more than initials in notes

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