stretch aches or vice versa

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to be filled or felt not pounded to know damage isn't subtle

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



gotta clean they are coming home oh would've wanted it
myself but emphasis is not to be missed by another as
conscience can with knowledge or knowing you or for that
ultimately through all cycles as i even know deep breath
isn't automatic so builds from inner hum not just conducted
there but of nudges like what bridges to not be miscarriage
but nesting basket rib heartbeat diaphragm diagram past hg
dive to drive just ideas i'm confirming yam develops bubble

poetic but not poetry young can express to no excess baby
can have human reaction though not mature but empathy comes
not just application to problem as ripening points one time
or emulsification examples one weaned for all stages trust
then in tender scenario not scene an ant may be tiny but
grasshopper's longer to play with as daughter could stop pet
peeve in brevity entomologize essay as parts are clear yet
imagination may see proportion for growth intertwined wind

as their calling to talk to picture on phone to superimpose
more's to be done as my unable to communicate entirely
to ma's nap but check isn't if not thorough from nervousness
if i can rise to common breath as she'd metabolize tempo
to know where such warmth comes from not mustered some
away significance to be with mustard seed in groove further
than grove explanation as tourist when ultimate's natural
also not foreign of for as mercury can't soak garden nodulely

nod as looking like we forgot a tree with quick arrangement
like cloud's not around daisy not to be all fluff fulfilled as more
than alloy but true release of yell nondamaging by
strawberry pores highlighting seeds or not conducively as
dead bee or chamomile or neighbor watering boat since it
needs it as oak of new medicine in extract or track of no
edge of slip but supply to ridge of what else is to gear
yet some or serving satisfaction doesn't pass to major if
3::::30 shocks as trimester not around but four of clock

and i can't dance movement for movement's sake neo what

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