stuck's stuck in one's ways or

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on the cedar ramp i was as a bird unoticed at the twig
finding something wrong in a node for consistent notes
my lymph was deelevated evaluated by who scanned tree errors
not for guess to be judge as that soon i saw ma with other
side of window i got deep breath okay as they pulled
away after rolling out as i wanted hair brushed since dance
play with ponytail even temporary section of comb or stanza
but not to full song yet as celebration isn't to startle

Submitted: July 04, 2011

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Submitted: July 04, 2011



daisy i want you to see my eyes which have watched i love
you daughter taught not to want only a groove unripe it isn't
swaying without a grove won't retract flux for parameters
conscience of children be alongside confidence is as start
of lessons for no disturbance for all to be popular in love
not to pop but in bubbling versus just bubble as short fix
miscarriage rotating hg not handing handling air trampoline
child can kick nudge into no tit for tat of what tot of tote

awful's not where but form's food not which each thorough
or man potential periphery instant isn't yes no as drown if
not swimming first gesture unless significant one got
suffocatingly dark not scintillating release as amalgam
is no canopy of combinaton dandelion not blown never think
unwasted without supplication more than supple mouth seeing
her picture knowing she's not just in my mind but best when
one might not have my dad as such mention for tent peasant can tug

reasonable to laughter or ache not for yack's yank relayed
story went through spine who'd bear pain i whimper relating
ma needs ala required omega 3 or love that can be made into
every other meld video visit pressure for another illness
over via your kefir caveat i can't eat with my toxin alloy
leak looking no lack in casein wheying until likewise liver trust static
gone as you know cell phone clear or intolerable tool range

crazy as anticipation reaction for no interaction methylation ps

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