Beastly:The Movie Review (Contains Spoilers)

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This is my review on the Beastly movie! I saw it back on Feb. 28th it was an amazing movie and enjoy!

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



***Warning contains SPOILERS***

Have you heard of the movie Beastly? It’s a movie adaptation of the novel, with the same name, by Alex Flinn. The concept of the novel comes from Beauty and the Beast in modern day New York City.

The beginning starts where Kyle Kingston (Hunter, later on in the movie), main character played by Alex Pettyfer, is running for the class president at this elite school. He says “Being beautiful is great!” When in reality, could get you in trouble if you have a conceited personality. The scene changes to a night environmentalevent and he ditches this girl, Kendra Hilferty, turns him into a “Beast” because she turned out to be a witch. Kendra tells him, that he has a year to find someone to love him.

When he arrives home, his father is disgusted at the way he looks and tries to do everything to fix the way he looks, but ultimately sends his son to an isolate apartment with no one to look at Kyle. Everyone believes that he has been sent to rehab. Kyle finds reality has set in and his father never visits him and soon it is just his housekeeper and him. His father fires a blind tutor for him to keep up his work.

One night when it is Halloween, he gets on his motorcycle and leaves to go back to that very club, that night he was turned. He runs into this girl, Lindy Taylor (Played by Vanessa Hudgens, another main character), and she talks to him before leaving.

He has a moment of realization where Lindy might be his last hope. He finds out where she lives and spy on her. One night she gets back to her apartment and she cannot find her dad to only see he is in trouble with someone. Kyle (Hunter) comes in the picture when Lindy gets hurt and her dad almost gets shot. Hunter takes a picture of the incident and threatens to send them unless Lindy can stay at a safe place, with Hunter.

She goes to stay at Hunter’s place and she quits school. She has formed a hatred of Hunter, and he tries to buy her with gifts. The housekeeper says to try something she likes. He buys her candy and builds her a green house. Their relationship forms, and they begin to like one another. While on the roof they share a moment. Then he takes her to his lake home and they have a wonderful day until she receives a call saying her dad is in the hospital.

When Lindy arrived at the home he began to write letters to her, and when she left him to go to the hospital, she received the letters and read them.

He thinks for a few days about things. And right before she leaves to go on the trip, he proclaims his love for her. She says the same thing and leaves. She runs out after Hunter has turned back into Kyle. They meet again and talk for a moment and then finally kiss.

The next person Kendra has aimed for is Kyle’s dad, which leaves me hoping if there could be a sequel to this movie with Kyle and Lindy’s relationship evolving.

I would recommend this movie for anyone who loves romantic movies.

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