The Lost - First Draft

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This is the first draft for The Lost. My first novel. Leave suggestions, comments!

Submitted: November 26, 2009

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Submitted: November 26, 2009



I open my eyes and feel the gentle warmth of the sun flowing in through the window and brushing my cheeks. I then close my eyes almost automatically. I wasn't in my room, nor do I think in my house, I was in some other place I have not been before. I barely open my eyes and look back and forth from one side to another moving my head slightly. I sit up instantly, eyes wide and panting.

"Carson! It's okay!" I hear one voice from the right side as the hands of the same person gently pushing my chest back down onto the overstuffed blue bed. "Relax Carson!" I slowly lay back down onto the bed and look around the odd looking room. I have two sheets of blanket on top of me. One a thin white material and the other a more thick and blue one. The walls in the room are a baby blue and the roof a deep white with a single light. I see my father standing up beside me, a chair behind him. He has a frown on his face, not mournful, but worried.

"Where am I?" I say with a weary voice, not understanding how simple the room was and what an easy question it was.

"You're in the hospital Carson."

"Why? What happened to me?" Eyes widened awaiting the response.

"You were walking around town one night, you didn't see the car, so you stepped off the sidewalk and onto the road, someone.. standing near, ran out and pushed you away from the car, and only had a minor concussion and some scraps.."

"What happened to the person? Who was it?"

"Carson, I'm so sorry, it was Ashley.. She didn't, make it.." A slight frown appeared on his face knowing what would happen next. I turn away and press my face into the blue, padded pillow, staining certain spots with the tears streaming down my face.

"No, no! She couldn't have died!" I cry. "She couldn't have!" My heart knows it is real, but my mind says it is just a dream. I know it is real, but sometimes you don't want to believe the truth

. . . . . . .

The next few weeks were rough. I stayed steady with school, but I wouldn't go out of the house with friends, or go anywhere. I just stayed home to do homework and I started going on the computer much more often. There wasn't anything other to do, so I found myself on the computer after homework each night. I just sat in class all day listening to the teacher, at school breaks during the day, I sat inside and ate my lunch the whole time. I didn't eat as much as I did before, and I lost my body shape by not exercising. I wasn't not eating because I didn't want to, I just found myself full sooner than I would be before.

All the food tasted the same. Nothing tasted sour, nor sweet, good, nor bad, just all the same. I didn't have much in my lunch, just a balony sandwich, juice, an apple, and a cookie. I obviously don't eat it all, i usually throw out half of the sandwich and most of the apple. Things are hard for my dad, he is divorced, and out of work right now. He used to work at a steel company, but it closed down. He says he's trying his best to find work, but it's hard right now.

"Have a good day." My dad is so encouraging. I roll my eyes while I walk out the door.

"I'll try." I say under my breath sarcastically.

During lunch I was sitting at my usual table, minding my own business, and some guy walks up to me, with his "Cool Gang Followers" right behind. "So, Carson, how's Ashley?" A spark flew through my veins and into my legs to throw me up from my seat. "She doing okay? You guys got a good relationship?" Snickering to his buddies behind him. "Think I got a chance? Oh, wait, I can't 'cause she's de-" And suddenly he was on the floor, drops blood flying in the air and taking a dive onto the tiled cafeteria floor.

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