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Trust is more important than we once thought it to be.

We give ourselves to people so much nowadays.

What do you mean, you ask?

I mean that we’re too trusting. We don’t take into consideration that someone can turn at a moment’s notice on you with a glimmering knife, who could then proceeds to push the blade into your soft, breakable stomach. That person could be your best friend. A family member.

A doctor.

A teacher.

A police officer.

Anybody can do it. People go insane all the time. They hide it and show a little something called innocence before surprising you right out of the gate. Almost like an encore to a performance, just a bit more gruesome. A theater intermission, but more terror. A television commercial with gore.

Why do you think security guards exist? Yes, they’re used with celebrities and people of high status for a means of protection, but they’re used for other things, too. There are security guards in hospitals, in banks, schools, institutions, universities, restaurants, stores, and many other places. Have you noticed them before?

I doubt you have.

Another thing people don’t notice is the sheer amount of cameras there are everywhere. These little machines litter the corners of public areas, the boxes of mechanical wiring and circuitry with lenses and screens watching every move. 

Always watching.

They’re there for the rare chance somebody could have a negative outburst. I use that in a vague manner because it could be a range of actions, from a shooting to a robbery, to even a killing.

Any single person you see on the streets or in public areas could be a psychopath.

That’s why we’re so trusting.

We’re so trusting to these people of higher status while they aren’t trusting of us.

Have you ever had surgery?

I’m assuming so.

This is a process; there are multiple steps to having a surgery. There are preparations made beforehand, you need to set up the operating room, medication, staff, a date to set, and then the actual surgery.

I’ll just focus on the last point.

There’s a very magical substance called an anesthetic. This medication reduces pain.

The effect is temporary.

There are many things about anesthesia that could frighten someone; the possibility of never waking up, the fragility of your body while under, and the menacing surgical tools the doctors can poke you with while you’re unconscious. None of those sound appealing, so it’s common for those fears to envelop your thoughts before the surgery takes place. It’s usually okay, though.


Sometimes it’s not. 

You could wake up too soon because the dosage wasn’t right or the IV didn’t work, and the pain would be excruciating. 

There’s only a minuscule percentage of that occurring. It still could happen.

I’m in a hospital room now. That’s why I’m telling you this. I’m warning you. I’m terrified. This isn’t fair, nor is it humane in any way. 

I’m not taking any chances.

I won’t let them kill me.

I won’t. No matter the chance. I don’t care how small.

They won’t take away my innocence.

I’m not going to let them use me. I can’t.

They’re coming. I can hear the footsteps against the tiled floor.

What they don’t know is that I’m going to take away their innocence.

I managed to sneak a knife into the hospital.

Anybody can be insane.

Submitted: August 10, 2015

© Copyright 2022 H. Adams. All rights reserved.

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Whiskey Charlie

Oh, my. Talk about a story with a twist. I presume that's what you'll do with the knife - twist. Anyway, it twisted a "Like" click out of me. Good stuff, Hanorbi.

Mon, August 10th, 2015 1:59am


Definitely. Maybe a little stabbing action, too. Thank you for the read and like, Whiskey!

Sun, August 9th, 2015 7:04pm

Jack Motley

Oh man, that went sideways really quickly, Hanorbi! I can see how this idea for a story came from your surgery.

Mon, August 10th, 2015 2:15am


Many things came from my surgery. This was basically what I was thinking (except for the knife, of course). I appreciate the comment and read, Jack!

Sun, August 9th, 2015 7:52pm


Oh my God Hanorbi this is so amazing! It reminds me why I fanned you in the first place. Your writing makes me melt, not because I love you but because I loveyourwiting You writing has stoly heart.I hope it keeps it!

Mon, August 10th, 2015 2:50am


Wow, thank you Suzonne! I'm glad you enjoyed. Your comment means the world to me :)

Sun, August 9th, 2015 7:57pm


well it actually took me an hour to come up with something to say in this comment and well... thats it. You literally left me speechless dude. Ok just for you imma gonna make 5000 more booksie accounts and fan you with them XD. BOOM instant fame lol. Anyway, you're really creative and it flows well the story. I cant even think how you come up with this stuff. It takes like 2 weeks to finally decide what to do in my novel XD. I am definitely giving this a thumbs.

(P.S you seem like a cool person and you are like me in like almost every single way so if you ever wanna chat with me,and i think i commented this on your wall before, message me at :D)

Mon, August 10th, 2015 3:37am


Lol, thank you. It's crazy I left you speechless :p Usually all the inspiration is from pictures and music... I'm into photography and art and music stuff. My imagination just goes craaazy. This one came from the surgery I had a while back (and yes, I'm fine now). I saw your message from before, but thanks for telling me again; I gotta get a more anonymous email :/ Right now i only have a personal one but i'll get a businessy fancy schmancy one soon lol. Thanks again, Decim!

Sun, August 9th, 2015 8:55pm

Chris Green

Nice style, nice build up and great twist.All in all an excellent tale, hanorbi.
regards Chris

Mon, August 10th, 2015 9:13am


Thank you, Chris. I'm glad the twist was satisfactory to your tastes :)

Mon, August 10th, 2015 10:38am

B Douglas Slack

Loads of fluffy stuff at the beginning and then - ZOW - a singer at the end. Great story, Hanorbi. ~Tom

Mon, August 10th, 2015 10:16pm


Thank you, Tom. I appreciate the read as always!

Mon, August 10th, 2015 7:06pm

Jeff Bezaire

Great ending. :) You didn't happen to sneak a knife into the hospital when you went in for your surgery, did you? lol

Tue, August 11th, 2015 12:25am


Lol, I didn't. I'm glad the ending was sufficient; thanks as always, Jeff!

Mon, August 10th, 2015 7:07pm


Insane characters! Insane characters! YES! Sorry, I like the guys who you kind of think are normal, but the hints are all there, and then they just go like BAM! I just killed someone. They're so much fun to write, too. Changing topics a bit: I was going to say that there was a misspelling towards the beginning, but it's disappeared. It was good to read something of yours again, Hanorbi!

Sun, August 16th, 2015 6:11pm


Lol, thank you, phantom :) Yeah, insanity's fun to write... it feels weird saying that... like, I could be insane for thinking that. If that's the case, we're insane together. There might've been a misspelling, but if it slid by you I have no worries about it affecting the story. Thank you again!

Sun, August 16th, 2015 5:59pm

Jonah Ryan

This made a lot of sense to me because I think of horrible, horrible shit I could do to other people all the time... I think it comes from a decade of working as a server and bartender... I would never act on those impulses, of course I wouldn't... but there is a small thrill of power knowing that I could... that sounds fucked up... sorry... what's really scary to me though is that there are people that actually can and do act on those impulses... I think that's what terrifies me the most... especially living in a state where a large percentage of the civilian population openly carries handguns, plain as day, on their hips... scary shit to think that someone could just snap and go insane... sorry, I'm rambling, but your story made me think, and I think sometimes the thoughts a story provokes in the reader can make for more interesting feedback then just praising the work itself... I guess I'll leave it with that for now. Keep up the good work and I hope to be checking out more of your stuff soon.

Tue, August 18th, 2015 7:07pm


Honestly, I think that just means you're human. I do too, so either we're both insane or it's normal. The rambling is awesome, definitely better than praising... I end up rambling a lot in comments. It's really cool how the story brought up such thoughts in you, as it's seeming to bring something different out in each person who reads it (even though most things are along the same lines of insanity and stuff). Thanks bunches for reading and commenting!

Wed, August 19th, 2015 9:16pm

Jason Crager

Very good Hanorbi. A tale that is sure to leave any reader feeling a tinge of paranoia. "Anybody can be insane."

Wed, August 19th, 2015 1:51am


I'm glad it did :) Thank you for taking the time to read, Ronin!

Wed, August 19th, 2015 9:16pm

Kossettes Novellettes Being saved

A cycling ball of paranoia. seems like the security at the hospital should have been thinking more like you. I love it.

Sun, December 6th, 2015 10:38pm


Aw, thank you, Kossette! It makes me very happy that you liked it :)

Sun, December 6th, 2015 8:17pm

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