Live Free Or Die, Forever Free!

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Submitted: February 26, 2017

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Submitted: February 26, 2017




Rise up to the call

In the name of your precious constitution.

Rise up to play your part

In our greatest revolution.

The communists are protesting in the streets,

Demanding a pay check for those who produce the least,

Oh ye most productive,

Rise up in the looming wake

Give all devotion to battle

For individual enterprise sake,

All arise to man the sail in the coming storm!


All ye children,

Stand tall in the name of illustrious truth,

Take up arms because ye have nothing left to lose.


All ye women,

Do ye hear the demand for individual liberty?

Do ye get excited in the people’s command for national prosperity?

Well know the real history to play your part,

Because it is you who will light the candle of truth inside the children’s heart,

Rise up to take ye place in the communist agitation

That’s soon to sweep this entire nation.

Take your place to stand inside this dawning immaculate revolution!


All ye American men

Heed the call for war against these communist hordes.

Thy failure to do so shall be ye greatest sin.



The Satan possessed villain

Leads those communist legions who are so willing,

Oh ye American men,

Rise up and heed liberties call,

Lest the entire freeborn American nation should stumble and fall.

Oh come join the great elation

In the dawning revolution,

Lest individual enterprise  no longer stands as law.


Let the first call to battle be for our anointed constitution,

Allow our history of individual liberation to be the justification for our mighty rattle,

Now  hear our great chorus o’er the field of battle,

while we move like the eagles fly,

As we cheer libertie's cherished hosana 

“live free or die!”


See the enemy wince as he feels the slash

Of our daggers and swords,

See them fall from more than a mile away,

When our Winchester Model 70s deliver their well deserved reward!


As our masses surge forward,

See our enemies all melt asunder,

That blessed pinnacle of victory we are moving toward,

As our rockets and artillery rain a hail of lead and universal thunder!


Live free or die,

Forever free,

my fellow citizens,

Our constitution, history and prosperity

Is the reason why.

We shall win all,

My illustrious brethren

Let those wicked forces of communism be the blame

As we make our greatest stand;

Or take it all down in flames,

Leaving them to labor endlessly for generations

Inside a charred smoldering wasteland!











© Copyright 2019 H.L. Dowless. All rights reserved.

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