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The way it really is, no matter who it is that refuses it.

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



  Rambling Morning Thoughts;

 If I had been allowed to say so


Dear ladies and gentleman, it is my great honor and pleasure to stand before you today. I was invited by our illustrious president, Mr. Trump, to stand here and relay my own vision of what it means for the US to be in a relationship with the nation of Israel, in light of what the nation of Israel means to the surrounding world. I intend to fulfil that request in perfection, to the letter.

While this vision is my own, like the nation of Israel, my door is open unto any individual who embraces peace, brotherhood, and goodwill unto all men, to share in the warm embrace of my vision; and let it be said that when my angle of insight one day manifests into future reality, that the radiating glory of that manifestation will most assuredly be an embrace of all benevolent mankind worldwide.

You understand, my fellow brethren, this promise of future glory extends far backward into time, at least three thousand years, if not as far back as five thousand years. Was it not the patrimonial promise that your chief leader, Abraham, received beneath the winking stars above, that there would always be an established boundary, a divine progression into a realm of success that shall be a guiding light unto the world? Did not the book of Genesis in the holy Torah, clearly speak to us children of the future in regard to this divine promise?

In many instances, the leadership of mankind rejects the reality of the source for that magnificent promise. I am standing here before you and world at this very moment in time to inform all, that the proof for that source lies in the very planets above! Is it not a fact of established science that there are at least nine planets inside our very solar system?

Give due  consideration  the following details: Each planet inside our specific solar system is of a differing mass and size, each one with differing gravitational magnitudes. These gravitational magnitudes interact with the gravitational field of earth from differing angles, virtually every hour on the hour. All of this conjuncts with the push found in the heat of the sun, which sits stationary inside the midst of our solar system, and the pull found inside its own gravitational field.

Let there be no doubt here that all of this force is what holds the earth in its specified position inside the solar system at large, and in its near perfect perpetual rotational path of orbit around the sun. The mathematical qualifications necessary for this accommodation of earth are in and of themselves so complicated that they are astounding. Indeed these stated specifics are certainly well established scientific fact!

There is so much more, oh nation of Israel, that sits immediately before us, yet mankind continues to hold in ardent disregard. As this perpetual planetary motion persists in its eternal exactness, the globe of the earth rotates continuously on its axis, serving to effectively dissipate the heat of the sun, so that one side never burns, and the other never freezes. If such were ever to occur, then all of life on planet earth would consequently perish. We are also at liberty to consider that dissipation of heat may also be a primary reason for the orbital motion of the earth around the sun in a near perfect ellipse. Yes! Without the establishment of a near perfect temperature in continuum, all of life would consequently perish.

As complicated as all of this established motion appears, we men only become more astounded when we consider that the planets in their perpetual trajectory, are programed to affect the earth in a manner, causing it to tilt two notches away from the sun, and two notches back toward the sun, at certain specific times during the course of the year. Without this tilt, we would not have the seasons to give accommodation to the biorhythms of life found in the deepest seas, on the most desolate of land, and even in the atmospheric air on planet earth; and consequently all of life would then perish.

Consider the light of the sun itself. Without this light, all life on earth would cease. The light gives life, it promotes healing in sick bodies, which is why hospitals push the sick outside in wheelchairs to savor the antibacterial light of the sun. The light of the sun encourages reproduction and the emergence of new life. This same light preserves food. In certain cases it even recharges dead electrical batteries, and can be transformed into  power that can be harnessed for the good of earth and mankind at large.

What I am attempting to inform you, oh nation of Israel and the world at large, is that there exists a celestial concern that life on earth continue onward for an infinity. If that concern did not exist, then why is earth simply not just a stone floating aimlessly through the void of space? Since as we have relayed back to you that it is a scientifically established fact that this concern exists for a continuum of life on planet earth, then we are compelled to consider that this level of concern is in possession of a source, and that source is the creator of all that is. Are we all really supposed to believe that all of this mathematical exactness occurred by random chance, as the purloining authoritarian liars of earth command us all to accept?

There is still more, so much more, oh land of Israel and of earth abroad! The source of all life on planet earth and it’s creator thereof, has placed his eternal signature in the heavens above, for every doubtful eye to behold. At calculated times we will have an event known to science as a total eclipse. This event occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, darkening the light of the sun upon the face of the earth.  

What is even more astounding is when we consider that the earth is an exact distance from the moon, and the moon an exact distance from the sun, that the sphere of the moon can fit perfectly flush with the sphere of the sun, and it pauses briefly before moving on. This event is only possible to view from the face of the earth. In other words, the creator is informing us that here he is, and he is well aware that we are on the face of the earth gazing above! Are we still foolish enough to believe that this occurred by random chance?

In other words oh men of Israel, this same creator has ordained you and this nation as his favorite among all the populations of earth. He made you an eternal covenant that is still just as valid today as it ever was. Let it be known here today that my vision for you is the second manifestation of that covenant in our own day and time. Embrace the truth of this great creator today, and regain your timeless inheritance!

You see, oh men of Israel, you have a few dry bones that were gifts from the British who had gained it from the Ottoman Turks during World War One, and you are in possession of a mere flesh fragment upon those dry bones, granted unto you when the forces of evil surrounded you on all three sides with your backs to the sea, seeking to purloin what had thus been given in earnest directly from the heart. Your astounding victory was again an admonishment of that divine promise offered forward from the hand of earth’s great creator.

Don’t  any of you ever cast these facts aside, no matter what the promise of peace sounds like! In the end, any request to relinquish what was ordained by the supreme creator on high, is in reality a false deception, no matter how sweet it may sound to ears on minds, desperate to end conflict.

Please understand, oh men of Israel, that my vision for you and your nation extends far greater than the small body in which we now stand. A body cannot grow into greatness without a heart, is this not a  statement of truth? When that heart has been resurrected, then the eternal rhythm reestablished, the spiritual blood of your martyred millions may freely give nourishment to a dawning national glory in prosperity, greater than any yet witnessed by the men on the face of the earth during the time of any past age.

In likewise fashion, your national borders shall extend into the complete realm of that which was originally promised. Once the divine triangle of your patrimonial inheritance has again manifested, then Mount Sinai shall be once more trod ‘neath Israeli feet. Once more we may all be free to bow on that divine mount, before the altar of Moses, giving all honor and glory to he who demands it, and very well most deserves it.

Furthermore, oh land of Israel, the glorious embracing light of peace shall then radiate throughout all the earth, unto every nation and tribe, via you and your resurrected inheritance. The truth found inside these stated facts, is that your resurrected heart shall one day be the heart of all the earth, with the gracious gift of your inheritance freely offered unto all men forth from within the resurrected body, who will one day stand proudly inside the shadow of your gracious blessings.

So it is with my own personal vision for this magnificent time honored land, and this great people! God please bring this vision into reality soon, and bless these people, this land, and the nation of America in so doing.

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