Tale Of The Cat, The Possum, And The Rooster

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

This work was written as a tale for children..



Once there was a cat, a possum and a rooster. The cat said, “well, I sure wish that I had a fish.”

The possum said, “Yes, well that would be nice, but this fresh plum will suffice...for now.”

The rooster said, “Well, cock-a-doodle-do all day!”

Come morning time, the three went for a walk by the field side. The field had just been plowed. The dirt was cool and slightly damp, feeling really good just to walk through with bare feet early in the morning. The cat turned to the possum and said; “My oh my, a cup of thick, rich, jet black coffee would be just great right about now.”

The possum replied, “Yes, but much better with a square of freshly made cornbread and maybe a bit of cheese and a fried egg...”

Both of them then turned to glare at the rooster wearing slobbering sly grins, who said, “cock-a-doodle-do, now it is morning time!”

So the three continued to walk in the freshly plowed field early in the morning. The cat eased up on a quail who had carelessly walked out to scratch for grubs in the freshly turned soil of the field. On the very moment that the cat leaped into the tangled thorny cover beside the field, the quail flew. On the instant that his feet touched the earth, an entire covey of quail thundered up from all around the three, slightly startling them for an instant. The cat eased out of the briar patch empty handed, still grinning and slobbering.

“Shame on you, cat, for missing that huge bunch of birds. We both were counting on you,” said the possum in sarcasm.

“Yea, and shame on you, old possum, for not helping out a bit there with the catch,” replied the cat.

“ Well then, I'll take the blame for your miss. I figured that I would eat whether I helped out or simply just allowed you to make the catch,” replied the possum.

Both then turned to the rooster with the same slobbering grin, who yelled, “cock-a-doodle-do all day!”

Soon they walked up to a youpon bush laying by the field side, that had been broken off by the wind two or three days earlier. The bush had lain there until the spring leaves had dried.

“Well at least we shall soon have coffee,” grinned the possum.

“Yea, if you'll just kindly find the turtle shells and rub the sticks, please,” snarled the cat.

“The rooster cried, “ cock-a-doodle-do all day!”

The possum turned and said as he slowly walked away,” we'll do, old Tom Cat, just don't walk away anywhere.

“Well all that we have is time,” replied the cat.

The rooster cried, “cock-a-doodle-do!”

In an hour the possum returned, carrying two clean rather large turtle shells, two forks and a set of flints, complete with a steel striker.

“Where just tell me, old possum, where on earth did you manage to find that? I did not know that I could count on you so,” grinned the cat to the possum.

“Well, old cat, I saw a column of smoke rising up in the distance above the trees the other day. I had been searching for an excuse to have a look. All that I found besides smoldering ashes were these two forks, the flints and the steel. The two large turtle shells were from a meal that I had taken a couple of days ago. I figured that they would make nice coffee cups and even better plates, just as soon as we can find our meal for the day. What do you think about it there, old Tom Cat,” asked the possum wearing a slobbering grin.

“It all sounds splendid to me,” replied the cat as the possum gathered fresh kindling splinters and dried broom straw, squatting as he struck the steel and the flint. Soon he was feeding larger dried wood sections into the small fire, making it grow.

After a while he was feeding much larger branches into the flames that had fallen to the forest floor and dried over the course of time. The flames burned the branches in two, then the cat could slide the sections into the growing flames.

The possum stepped off to the side, then returned with the two turtle shells filled with water. He place the shells by the glowing coals. In no time the water was boiling. The cat pulled the shells from beside the coals, then crumbled up the yaupon leaves, dropping them into the boiling water, pausing to allow them to steep.

Tom Cat turned to the possum, smiling with a slobbering grin, saying; “Well here it is, old possum there, the very best coffee this side of the big muddy. I call it God's coffee, since it grows all around us. When times are tight, there it sits, just like a gift from the good Lord himself.”

“Yea, it sure got the boys through during the time of the big fight. The Fed overlooked all of our collards, beets and black eyed peas, assuming they were animal feed or just weeds, since they were grown at random and stored in feed barns all around for the hogs and chickens,” grinned the possum to the old tom cat.

“You're so right,” grinned Tom Cat back to the possum. “Then there was the starving time of the Great Depression….We had a time of wealth from the end of the second World War, until about eighty two. Then the Fed started closing down all of the work places, and laying every body off by eighty three. No work means no food…., and everybody must go back to eating black eyed peas again...”

“and fried chicken,” grinned the possum to the tom cat with a slobbering grin.

“and good old fried chicken,” replied the tom cat to the possum with the same slobbering grin.

“ So do tell us,” snarled the cat with a slobbering grin to the rooster, “what do you think about all of this talk?”

The rooster replied, “cock-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle do to you! Cock-a-doodle-do! The good Lord will provide! Cock-a-doodle-do all day!”

High overhead the darkening clouds began to gather as the wind suddenly picked up, increasing the pleasant feeling inside the three. The possum and the tom cat huddled around the fire, stirring the coals with cane sticks and talking quietly among themselves.

Thunder from the darkening sky above suddenly cut through the pleasant rustle of the leaves in the spring breeze of the day. A bolt of lightning flashed, striking a large live oak limb above the possum and the tom cat, causing it to suddenly crash to the ground, striking the cat and the possum both in the head, knocking them into the flames as it settled upon the earth beside the fire and the two now roasting bodies.

The rooster flapped his wings excitedly for seven minutes or so, as if exercising himself. He walked over to the two bodies lying inside the flames, gently rolling them over with his beak. He then raised his head, flapping his wings excitedly once more again.

“Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle do! The good Lord provides! The good Lord provides! Fried tom cat and possum are not bad with the collards and black eyed peas! The boys found that out as well! Cock-a-doodle do! The good Lord surely provides!”


Submitted: February 27, 2017

© Copyright 2022 H.L. Dowless. All rights reserved.

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Rorzo McMacmac


Mon, February 27th, 2017 2:13am

moa rider

A good children's story H.L. Usianguke

Mon, February 27th, 2017 4:16am

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