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A realistic scenario of the future in America

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



The Author's Personal Notation:



Back in the days when this author developed his own embrace of the philosophy found in the truest notion of liberty many years ago; and within himself had sworn the sacred blood oath of those eternally freeborn, live free or die, forever free, he also began a personal search for the truth as to just whom his Lord and creator was. Critics may declare that no hard facts exist, but the author knows well that such claims are only designed to mislead us, by those who in truth intend only to enslave us. We state this fact of knowing that the lie has been spoken from the fact that indeed, the author has discovered conclusive proof backed by science, that an eternal God Of The Universe exists; just as certain as the wind blows the trees, the waves of the sea rise and fall, and the golden sun shall shine tomorrow!


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Above us we have this massive, timeless void of space. Inside this void we have an unknown number of solar systems, least of all, our own. These solar systems always maintain their own in distance apart and their ability to function both independently and untied into a single unit. Inside our own solar system, we have the sun at the center, with a push from the force of radiating heat, in combination with a pull from the force of internal gravity.

Extending out from the sun exists nine planets that we know of, with a possible tenth.953 Each of these planets bear their own magnitude in gravity. These planets travel along the line of near perfect ellipse in rotation around the sun, thus inside the varying gravity magnitudes working with and against one another, we may calculate, is the force that holds them all into their proper place and station inside the boundless void, as well as offering propulsion to this perpetual motion of the entire solar system.

The complicated mathematical exactness in this appropriation of gravitational magnitude, combining with it's effect on the station of planet earth in differing frames of time on the virtual hour alone suggests an originating intelligent force, since highly organized systems simply do not originate by sheer random chance. We must not pause here, however, for there is much more yet to comprehend.

The moon rotates continually around the earth, bearing it's own gravitational attraction. Without a doubt this rotation is at least part of what maintains the continual rotation of the earth on it's own axis. This continuing rotation of the globe is absolutely necessary to evenly distribute the heat of the sun for the purpose of preserving life on planet earth. Without it, one side of the globe would freeze into ice and the other would burn from the sun's radiating heat, thus all life on planet earth would be exterminated.

These planets move along in rotation around the sun; thus we may note that on an hourly basis, planets of differing attractive magnitudes are acting on the earth from opposing positions in their path of rotation and varying gravitational magnitudes, all acting with and against one another, in combination with both a push from the heat of the sun and a pull from it's own massive force of gravity. We may comprehend at this point, that this movement and the gravity emitted is what pulls on the earth in different amounts from various opposing angles, forcing the planet earth to move forward in its continuing rotational path around the sun sphere.

What random force could make the determination as to an exact distance from the sun best facilitating life on earth, not to mention the act of stabilizing the earth into this position in any sort of specific rotational pattern, that specific pattern being of a near perfect ellipse? What about the atmosphere of earth that effectively shields all life from the bombarding effects of solar radiation as well as frequent incidences of meteor impact? What about the atmosphere of earth generating the rain so necessary for the sustenance of life? Are true intellectuals really supposed to believe that this too developed into place by random chance as well, as did the other notated details? Do these so called “scientist” who demand that we forbear all questions to their invalid claims take us for blundering fools? On the contrary, we, among the cult of liberated intellectualism demand that they come up with a more creative lie!

Every year on near exact dates and times, these same forces acting at established specified varying angles, cause the entire axis of the earth to tilt toward the sun and away from it, allowing the four seasons so necessary for the bio-rhythms of life here on the surface of the planet. Without it., for example, the plants would not seed nor would the fish in the sea lay their eggs, among many other notations that would threaten the cycle of life on planet earth. The plants are in need of a dormant period, so for this reason we have winter, accommodated by a slight tilt of the earth's axis away from the sun.

The proof of an eternal God Of The Universe lies in the notation that all of this solar system in which the earth is positioned inside its timeless design to facilitate a continuum of life on earth. In other words, if no being exists who really cares, then why does the sun stand as a life generating source of warmth and the earth not simply be a naked rock wandering aimlessly through space? The proof of supreme intelligence exists in the fact that concern for life is demonstrated by the solar system's accommodation for life on planet earth.

Therefore, we, the intellectual people of America and the entire earth at large, are forced by hard fact to accept the obvious; and this indisputable fact is, that this concern for the continuation of life is in possession of a source, and that source is the one who evidently created all life on earth in the first place. The solar system and life did not happen by random chance, as the self-serving authoritarian liars of the earth continue to try and convince us, nor did it ascend from an inferior into a continual superlative by random chance. To believe that such could exist would be a violation of basic logic!

On the contrary, what could well exist outside of intelligent interference would be a continual deterioration from an original superlative, into that of a continuing inferior!954 We all bear witness to examples of this fact on a daily basis.955 This notation would collaborate with observed instances en-mass and would be perfectly supported by logical format, although notation is adamantly rejected by conventional scientific proclamation.

Fact is, that once we accept the prevailing truth that the true owner of the universe is also the author of all that we know, see, and so much more that is grand; if we combine that acceptance of an undeniable truth with our incessant quest for individual liberty, then certainly we are most guaranteed to succeed in our ordained struggle into its ultimate endowed conclusion!

In the end when one pauses to give consideration of possibilities into their encompassing entirety, the staggering visualization is that we as a collective group may well be called upon to stand strong inside the homeland on some windswept, desolate field of honor, in the not so distant future. When that time arrives, we may materialistically possess only that which we wear and we hold to so dearly in our hands, in our hearts; and our vowed camaraderie with one another, who have also sworn that sacred oath of eternal liberty, live free or die, forever free!

Though the deprivations be many and our abating numbers be few, we still swear to stand strong until the bitter end as we squint stoically through rugged, narrow sites; against a harsh blustery, chaffing wind, our faces hammered incessantly by the blazing light of merciless sun conjunction with the incoming chaff of sand; and the foul beasts of the field, crawling and swarming about who seek to do us all great harm.

In the shimmering distance before us stands the vast army of Abaddon, more expansive than even the unaided eye may perceive, who are far better equipped than we and appear to hold outstanding numbers equally determined to see us and our sworn goals of precious individual liberty through Constitutional restoration, expunged from both America and planet earth for all time to come.

As we charge forward in great collective exuberance with the rising sun to our backs, cheering aloud that most cherished vow to radiant glory through our eternal liberation, live free or die, forever free, we may perceive via our undiminished convictions, that the firm hand of our anointed heavenly champion will still yet remain extended. There he shall stand so proudly inside a heavy gray mist looming just before us, more brilliant than the blazing sun and more solid than the granite hills of Gettysburg; allowing us all to swing hold into our well earned predestined prominence, to the astonished exasperation of a seemingly invincible enemy. In his timeless name we shall never falter nor wane in our steadfast determination to see the kingdom of perfect plebeian liberty through, as we make that most supreme of sacrifice conjunction with the most magnificent of conquests..., against odds that lie outside the realm of all mortal comprehension.


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