The Eternal Message

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Rowdy Living Press

A picture of the future

  The fire is at the house,

Oh the terror that I have seen ,

Its no fun trying to live without,

Having nothing in between.


The boy in the bushes on the ditch bank,

The elderly man on the ledge neath the overpass bridge,

Soldiers roaring my way on a massive tank,

No power for my fridge.


A proud purple sky

Fades into one of pink,

Then peach,

Then blood crinson.

People are saying that we’ll all soon die.

Young children are paralyzed and without speech,

Our strong men have given up and no longer try.


A once brilliant sun now darkens,

Tis blood that the clouds have begun to cry,

Before righteousness they refused to harken,

Our wise could never figure out why.


Men and men were given unto debauchery in the streets,

Boys are in the academy wearing dresses,

Our leaders are peddling our children filth in between the sheets,

Our ladies are accepting a perverted debauchery over sanctified blessings.


Kings seek to destroy our families,

Nobles endeavor to plunder our land,

The army moves to seize our granaries,

While the brave are calling for making one last stand.


The whole world is upside down,

I do tell you,

When saints are portrayed as clowns,

While demons stir a great big stew

For a massive party underground.


The whole world is upside down,

When righteous men are scattered and few,

For that fire will soon consume us all around,

Lest it be the eternal father that we all knew.




Submitted: March 17, 2017

© Copyright 2020 H.L. Dowless. All rights reserved.

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I feel the truth in this. Each day it worsens and less righteousness can be found.

Wed, September 4th, 2019 12:39pm

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