The Imp And The Fairy Princess

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This work is about the quest for liberty.

The Imp And The Fairy Princess

by H.L. Dowless



There once was an imp whose appearance was vain,

his behavior was foolish, even his speech and imposing

mannerisms were maimed!

From those eastern cannibalistic lands afar he and his kind

had once been blessed,

indentured to serve the superlative bloods' best.



His mortal salvation was his own indenture,

for in his own lands very few of his age did survive

the daily adventure,

let alone thrive

as a simple butler employed in basic mealtime bequest,

being allowed his nourishment from among the tables'




For many years with his situation he was quite contented

until he commenced to keep company with envious out-landers,

who told him tales of wealth reserved from his labor and invented

more tales of fabulous riches in his own land that his presence pandered

had forced his loss, callously forgetting his past perilous situation

and the weight that he once bore in carrying his daily cross.



So he cried unto the fairy princess bequeathing his complete liberty;

though at first she denied him his requested delivery,

she promised him that she would grant him his freedom for

all infinity....

So he continued on in his daily chores inside that lavish

mansion home,

existing in luxury of living and never alone,

as the weeks went by, transforming into creeping months in his atone.



As the days passed and so did the weeks,

he was approached by the out-lander, Rahab, who

pretended to offer wisdom

unto those in need who seek.

Her true desire was to hex with Chaos and destruction,

by causing her targeted victim to become malcontent

in his present position, desiring the decadence of his past homeland

o'er the place where in luxury he did presently stand.



Just observe thyself in that peon's place where ye now stand,

ye a wanton servant in another on' 's mansion estate, when thee once possessed

thy own so grand. Dost thou truly believe that thy owner can afford to allow thee liberty? My best suggestion then,

is to put her words to the test,

now wouldst thou not agree?”


Oh then, lets do see,” replied the imp,

the thought of a lying tongue had never crossed me....

But I will take your suggestion and you'll never regret

the day that you offered me your very best

In words and honorable advice.”



Thou art very attentive to true wisdom's slice,

and thy gain in doing so shall indeed be very nice.

So approach the dear princess come first glow tomorrow morn,

and behold the manner in which her waning inattentiveness

shall allow thy new revelations to be born,”

replied Rahab.



Thus on the first light of next morn,

the imp did make his approaching move;

his chance taken did cause the princess scorn,

her sound derision putting him on the groove.



Her reply being “next light or maybe the next blushing sun rise,

or might be the light following, if the good feeling should


but on whose advice do you make your inquiry, unto one of my adoration

or my despise?

One of thy disdain or one of honest invite?

Doth he stand firm among those floundering fools or tall among the wise?

For do behold, thy success shall rest on the shoulders of my personal likes

of both you an' the very moment,

and please do remember that it is unto me no obligation

anywhere that I should bear binding ties!”



On the twelfth striking in the shadow of the full moon

didst Rahab approach to offer him confidence in success,

granting him courage to persevere through on the test.

Before she melted from his secular presence,

she demanded of him another advising spoon,

wishing him her very best....



Fall upon thy knees facing the cold damp earth below,

offering prayers unto thy lording King, Apolyon, for him to


upon thee his fetid blessing, delivering up his sacred


the lord of Chaos, Antagonism and Suspense. This dark saint, thence,

shall then march forward unto the fairy princess,

causing her to feel the forces of dread and woe,

until she allows thy people and thou the liberty to go.”



So then the imp heeds her dark words of twisted knowledge,

horribly mistaking them for gifted wisdom.

Thus...out in hinter most wilderness dark corner, keeling in


to the Lord Of Dark lies and deceit, pleading unto him in

his enthroned kingdom

to intercede in his own behalf.

Thus didst Apolyon's disdaining figure appear from the thin air,

demanding that he forbear his request until the light of day hath passed.



Was it not thee who sought out my relaxing presence?

How wouldst thee dare disturb my rest,

beseeching me loudly in my very residence!

Even demanding from me my very best!”



The trembling one so terrified,

glanced with wide paled eyes from side to horrifying side,

knowing not what to say or even how to reply....

He could only attempt to gaze forth into a face so


then only hanging his face toward the ground, trying not to sound explosive.



Yes the guilty one was I,

though I am not a saint...,sir I can never tell a lie;

my intention was never to disturb you,

but to beseech only in earnest request...with a last gasping


just to see what it was that thee would then do.”



Apollyon laughed in a voice that thundered on the raging wind,

then the darkening skies cleared as the streaking lightening went.

The malicious genie then paused with both muscle bound arms crossed,

gazing down upon the poor imp o'er whom he knew himself to be boss.


Very well,” he did thunder, “if thou be brave enough to endure the loss..,

indeed I am most certain that thee hath once pondered and waved all of the cost?

The one whom advised thee to approach and brave the tempest roll,

casually neglected to inform thee...that my price extracted

shall be thy blundering soul.”



Oh please, there, Mr. Genie,” begged the poor imp.

I am begging of you just one more attempt

to sway the fairy princess, both very chaste and wise,

to let me and my people go, if you could so advise?”



Very well then,” replied the genie, “do as thee feel so led,

but I shall now inform thee that thy forlorn effort is dead;

for the princess' heart is as solid as granite stone,

her concern is preserved for her own extravagant wealth...

and let lavish living be her only song.

Thou art only born to exist as her sweat drenched laboring


Thy miserable life in her fields shall surly be thy only

incessant rule.”



With the peach rise of the morning sun,

the imp did make his way toward the gardens and the

vineyard run,

approaching the delicate fairy princess with the question

hot on his mind,

the answer looming ever still that he was hoping to find.

In great reverence the imp didst dare to approach,

dropping down upon a single knee in earnest beseech,

placing both hands together in humble pining bow,

dearly requesting that the princess honor his earnest




Please my dearest Mrs. Xantho,

of my gasping plea thee does surly know

that I only desire my freedom of will.

If it is that I should only freely come and go,

but of thee thou will posses my devoted loyalty still,

I in gracious earnest desire to impart so.”



The fairy princess laughed deeply from within,

her face then streaked with a thin waxing grin.

Her beholding the imp...donned in perfect dress and tie,

she could only shake her head in wonder as to why.



Where as thy lavish provider hath now been me,

thy only indenture is unto thee, when it is that thou art free.

When ye precious suit and must surly forbear,

what then may ye endeavor to wear..., rag cloth, possum

skin or hare?

When thy food is caviar, rice and tender river cane shoots,

when ye are then forced to forbear, what then may be thy nourishment...,

carrion, rat flesh and tuckahaw roots?

What manner of employment shall sustain thee,

when thy only labor hath been in support of this elegant mansion house

and it's affluent company?”



None-the-less Mrs. Xantho, please allow my wishes to be,

my dear heart desires it's passion of will,

for my poor soul yearns only to be free....


Does not the robins desire to cross o'er on high still,

when the fall arrives and the far south is best to be?

Does not the graceful stag choose to roam woods and open fields,

so that only he may profit from their bounteous yields?

Well in likewise fashion, so do I

desire to go by my own design.

By my own ingenuity any resulting possible wealth

shall be my soul pine.

If all else should fail, Mrs. Xantho,

then by the rights of my own labor, I shall do just fine.”



The fairy princess did take a deep sigh,

only to shake her golden head in wonder as to why...

When one lives so well and enjoys life in the shade

that he would choose to abandon all of it for poverty on

any given day.



Well..., so it is that we shall simply just wait and see.

On occasion it takes time for the mind to conceive

the folly that it has come to believe,

when all appears so much better, indeed...,

from where it is that he stands making his foolish reprieve.”



Late that night the wicked genie did reappear,

his haunting spectrum, ever so near.

The imp now came to dread his daunting approach,

for he knew well that into his breast the evil hand desired

to encroach.



Very well then ye foolish imp,

allow thy bumble wishes now to initiate.

For presently unto me thee hath made thy request,

if ye should ever turn and run, I shall lay thee and all of

thine to waste.


Now there is no turning back.

Thy request was the gift of thy infinite liberty and without


and soon the price shall come due unto me of thy most

treasured best.

Had ye chosen to remain, then ye might have been


the granting of another deep silent, most secret debauched


that being the sight of unadorned pastel flesh;

but since ye have thrown it all away on whimsical thoughts,

now there is no turning back to obtain thy corrupting wants.

Now have a bit more patience and heed these dire warnings,

for soon there shall come a mighty storming

upon the grand estate of the fairy princess...until the

moment is right,

then she shall allow ye and all of ye impish kind

to flee away into the bleak stormy night.”



Oh dear Genie,” sighed the imp, “if only I could now retreat,

my poor eyes could tingle then with enraptured glee,

for there is no other pleasure that it's good feeling may


that that of my poor eyes beholding chaste pastel flesh...

so clean.

So pleasant is the sight to behold, that I shall rhyme song

and sing;

for it's joy unto my eyes is far greater than that ever

wrought by the precious sound

of sweet freedom's ring!”



So on the ninth night from the genie's last visit

the figure of Chaos did move upon the earth bound estate

to insist

that the hardened heart of the fairy princess reconsider to

make reprieve,

allowing the imp and his kind to have their unchaperoned


Not only that if she still should answer no,

then the dark curse of Chaos would come to fill every estate

in the entire land with woe.



Thus he

being the second out-lander to move with envy

for the fairy princess stable wealth

in Rahab's wake.

In the witching moon of the twelfth striking

did Chaos ascend upon the princess gracious estate,

destroying all the lush gardens and the mansion, as it may,

laying all of the lavish fields and stores to waste.

When the imp did again make his approach toward her,

once more her sharp reply was “no” and without haste.



So again did Chaos move, but this time, to fill the entire land.

Laying destruction upon every beast and the labored works of man.

Now there existed no restraints upon the imp and those brutes of his own kind.

They were at long last free to do according to the whims of their own mind.

But before they all were to have their first dash toward their heart's desire,

there was one more visitor who would appear unto them all,

bearing a brilliant sword of perfect bronze, flaming with dancing mid-night fire.

This visitor was a singing cherub from the supreme one..., so mighty and divine,

who bore a punitive warning with all of them in mind.



Yes..., do go and roam the earth in search of all that thee and thy vain kind

may chance to find,

but in thy desultory quest for luxury and liberty,

just remember that ye neglected me for

making thy first inquiry.

For all of eternity ye shall thus be reminded of my words.

Do go on and take thy secular pleasures of purloined


and wasted corrupting pastel flesh;

but for the sin of making thy appeal to Satan in bequest,

one day thee and thy kind shall be bound in numbers

greater than ever before heard,

their shackles loudly snapping before thee can even pause

to ponder or guess.




The entire land shall then be infinitely liberated from thy

noxious girth....

Beware the first lure, which shall be thy profit in absence of

any transfer in work.

When the second lure shall be a dismantling absence of

corporate regulation,

the golden twin towers shall soon fall in great conflagration.

When the restraints upon the subtle King's authority shall then see their removal,

his absolute reign shall find it's superior mortal approval.

Thus I tell ye, that thee and thy kind should tremble with

trepidation and fear,

for then ye complete damning subjugation looms near.”



After the announcement of these words.., the imp did move on.

The pleasures of the moment consumed his heart, soul, flesh and bone.

His sons and daughters accept not tomorrows fate,

for their gluttonous debauched desires can no longer wait.

But so true to the angel's warning reprimand,

the flaming towers have already collapsed into the sand.

The king in command now bears no restraint,

that precious doctrine of liberty he will soon move to


Then all of the imps shall exist as his own mortal bane,

his sons and daughters forced once again to live in chains;

their impish minds will never comprehend even their own pain,

living only to gratify an elitist insatiable gain.



The good fairy princess...,

though she wept in her bitter reprieve,

her sons and daughters forced to forgo all excess,

countless numbers choosing to leave.

In the passage of time she once again rose to her feet,

though not yet nearly as strong, appearing somewhat


She...despising the debauchery in the world around her,

schemes to ascend into authority, hoping to remove the poisonous cancer.

In her heart she knows that one day her glorious reign shall somehow come....

She feels the celestial promise upon her face every morn

with rise of the peach sun.









Submitted: December 30, 2016

© Copyright 2022 H.L. Dowless. All rights reserved.

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