Two Roads Diverged In A Blossoming Feild

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Rowdy Living Press
This is a poem about life in new age America.

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



Two Roads Diverge In Blossoming Fields


Two roads diverge in blossoming fields,

I know not on which path to go,

Either way bears it’s cherished yields,

That is about all that I or anyone may know.


This path that I have now been traveling on

Bears walls so high and rivers so wide

That one cannot be scaled nor waters be forded

that have only grown,

Yet still unto the laws of survival I must abide.


Behind me two roads diverge in blossoming fields,

Where yet my true passion in this life  may still lie,

Joy found in the bounty that each way yields,

Shall then may my diversion be justified.


Only a dismal road to nowhere lies before me,

It’s promises of career or fortune are only a deceptive perjury,

Yet ahead materializing is the dawning truth that I see,

That in fact it possesses no tangible opportunity.


They only tell me

that I must waste more time in their schools,

Handing over my hard won funds,

Learning their twisted Communist rules,

While they take pleasure in promising me the sun,

As they play far more than eighty percent for fools.


The people at these academies do their level best,

To compel me to hedge thousands in a doomed bet,

Claiming that their way is the yellow bricked road

To a new golden utopia of success.


Two roads diverge on a blossoming field,

Which on may I walk or pass by?

So I took the one that bore the greatest yield,

Avoiding ridiculously high walls and broad rivers on the sly.




© Copyright 2020 H.L. Dowless. All rights reserved.

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