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The story talks about a a bunch of thieves. The main character is a young girl, a part of a robbery team. They are after the most valuable item in the village they live at; a necklace. Things were going well, until she fell in love, and realized money was never what she wanted.

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011




Looking around, all I can see is lights... Police have arrived. I reach to my pocket, and hold tight into the hand-made smoke screen bomb, waiting for my Captain's commands… "Jessie, NOW!" He screamed. I throw it as hard as I can, and start running. Looking behind, I can see it worked. Smoke was covering the area, and the Police were having trouble finding us.

"Did you find it?" I ask. "Yeah", the Captain answers. We kept running until we reached the forest nearby. I could still clearly hear a few police men's steps behind me, But not for long. As soon as we reached the forest, we split up, and ran around it. It can be an impossible maze for the Police. But us… a piece of cake… we memorize it like our names.

After I made sure that no one is following me anymore, I headed to our usual meet up spot. There, I find the Captain, having a smoke, smiling, and looking into the necklace we just stole. Yes… you got it right… thieves; we're just a bunch of mere thieves.


For now, let me tell you more about myself. My name is Jessie; I'm 16 years old, living in a village known for its organized robbery. This village was formed long ago around the gold mines discovered here, but nowadays, it's useless. The mines are empty, and the country stopped giving it any attention. Robbery here is usually attempted in groups. Those robbery groups are often called 'Crews'. And the head of each Crew is called a 'Captain'.

More about me; I'm 1.67m tall, weighing about 53kl. Dark green eyed, with a long light brown wavy hair. All I know about my parents is that mom has died while I was a child, and that dad is in jail since the day I was born. I never met him thou, and not planning to anytime soon. Why is he a prisoner you might ask? Well… in short… he was a thief as well. It runs in the family…


Back to the action... That necklace we stole. It wasn't a usual necklace. We stole it from a museum, after weeks and weeks of planning. Actually, we've been planning to steal it since the day we formed this crew. It is indeed the most valuable item in this worthless village.

All of a sudden, I start hearing footsteps again. "Could it be the police?" I whispered. "I doubt…" the Captain answered with a grin on his face. He quickly hid the necklace in my pocket. "Run when you have the chance!" He told me while pushing me away. A moment later, a man with a familiar face shows up. No doubt… It's Captain Jacob, the head of the top rated crew in this village.

"Well… I can see you finally did it, little drake" he says, with a big smile on his ugly scarred face. Behind him, 4 other crew members appeared. No wonder… they must be after the necklace too.

The 5 men surrounded Drake, my Captain. I took the chance, and started walking away, trembling. "Captain, the necklace is with her!" one of Jacob's crew members screamed, while pointing at me. "Shit" I thought, and started running as fast as I could. Suddenly, I hear a load, shocking 'bang' noise behind me. It sure sounded like a gun shot. But I only realized it when my left leg started feeling numb. I fell on the floor, helpless, screaming in pain. I was the one who got shot…

Lying on the floor, screaming, I started hearing more footsteps. This time, it was the police indeed. They would be fools not to notice the load noise of the shot… or my load screams. Looking backwards, I noticed that there was no one already… they all fled and left me behind, including my own Captain; Drake. "Looks like I'm finally going to meet my father" I thought…

I took the necklace out of my pocket, and buried it as fast as I could in the sand under me, with the hope of finding it if I ever left jail. "Here you are" one of the policemen said with anger, until he noticed my injured leg. "Call her an ambulance!" he screamed. I was carried into the ambulance car, and had my leg wrapped to stop the bleeding. Thank god, the bullet never made much damage. "She's fine" the nurse said, implying that I'm ready to be sent to jail. I was then forced to ride in the back seat of the police car. "I guess there is no escape this time" I told myself.

In the car, there was 2 police men. The one who found me was driving; Officer Omar. He was a black, bald, wise old man in his 50s. The second officer was young, and seemed to be new in this Village. "Where is the necklace!?" he screamed at me. "The interrogation has started" I mumbled. "It's with Drake!" I lied. "And if you promise to let me go, I'll take you to him!". The nooby believed the lie, and that's when Officer Omar started laughing loudly. "You still have a lot to learn, young man". We continued moving silently until the nooby screamed "Watch out!". Multiple smoke screen bombs started exploding in front of us. The driver had no choice but to pull over as soon as he could. The nooby stepped out of the car and soon disappeared in the smoke. This was my chance to escape. I took off my shoe, and hit the window next to me as hard as I can. Sadly, it never broke. Surprisingly, a minute later,  it broke, and the glass shattered into the inside of the car. Someone from the outside must've broken it! I Instantly jumped out of the window. As I started to run, "My leg!" I thought. Too late, I was already on the floor, screaming in pain. That's when a hand came out of nowhere, and covered my mouth. "Stay quiet" a voice whispered. 

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