The Fabulist

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lucys father is a fabulist

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



When she woke up again she told her father that she is going to play in the back garden; she was actually going to the police so that she can tell them about every thing and give them her proof .The police didnt bielive her and told her"If you want us to bielive you get more proof."Lucy said ok and went home as quickly as possible so that her father doesnt know.

when her father tol her the next morgning"I got a job and i will be home at 7:00 pm sharp;dont leave the house and dont open the door to anybody."Lucy said ok and after she mad sure that her father left she researched about him on the internet but he was unknown but then she was clever and took her fathers diary and found some proof so she took it and hid it and then she found out that her father forgot his phone so she took it so that she can call her mom and proove to the police that her father kidnapped her from her mother.

Lucy went to the police and showed them all her evidence that she found ,then the police bielived her and went with her to her to her house,after a few hours her father went in and found him self sarounded by the police,the father demanded"what is going on?" "You are under arrest for kidnaping lucy from Lara."said one of the officers.

The police took the fabulist father and they tracked down Lucys mother and when they found her they sent Lucy to her and the father wasnt seen again.

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