Sophie's present

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Yeah don't ask where this came from... I had to write a quick short story for a class.

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



Sophie had finally done it. She had worked weeks on this project and it was finally complete.

She smiled brushing some hair out of her face with the back of her hand while admiring her work. The

sculpture looked perfect, and just like she had wanted. It was a small man with simple features holding a

bouquet of flowers. T he flowers were all painted various colors and the man had a cute little bow tie.

“Mrs. R I’m done!” She exclaimed, waving her over from across the room.

Mrs. Rogers made her way over smiling and nodding her head, “It looks amazing, Soph. I am so

glad it turned out for you.” She bent down taking a closer look, “Did you sign it?” Sophie nodded, “Then

just set it over there for now and you can take it home after school.”

Sophie gathered up her things and put them all away neatly before finally putting her little man

away on the drying shelf. She was extremely proud of him as she smiled and walked away looking at his

adorable form.

The rest of the school day crawled by slowly, Sophie barley made it through French class without

falling asleep. She hurried to her locker shoving what she needed into her backpack before throwing it

over her shoulder. She rushed to the art room and walked in, immediately spotting her sculpture across

the room on the shelf where she had left it. She picked him up gently inspecting for any spots that were

still wet. He was completely dry and ready to go. Mrs. Rogers walked out of the kiln room and smiled

her goodbye as Sophie waved and hurried out. She tucked the figure into the safety of her coat pocket

and zipped it closed before running out to the bus stop. She had to make it home on time today she had

things to do.

Her short bus ride was uneventful and she kept to herself as usual. She smiled goodbye at the

bus driver and ran off the bus only stopping to bring the trash bin back to the house. She walked in

through the mudroom and hung her scarf and coat on the hook, grabbing the figure and holding him

close. She put her bag in her bedroom and dug out a small box from her art drawer. She set the figure

in it and wrapped colored tissue paper around him making his stay comfortable. She closed the lid

and neatly tied a bow around it securing it closed. When she was done with that she set the box in the

middle of her desk and made her way down to the kitchen.

Two hours passed and Sophie had made a dozen cupcakes and frosted them all. She set the

table with the best dishes and made spaghetti with red sauce. She smiled and admired her handiwork

feeling quite accomplished. Just as the bread sticks dinged in the oven, she heard the front door open.

“Sophie?” her mom called. Sophie smiled ear to ear, “What is that wonderful smell?” Sara

walked into the kitchen and smiled at her daughter.

“I made dinner. Happy birthday, Mom!” Sophie gestured to the table and giggled.

Sara looked at the table and bit her lip, shaking her head, “Honey it’s beautiful. Thank you.” She

set her purse on the counter and sat down. “Thank you,” She repeated as Sophie severed her, her food.

They both sat and enjoyed their spaghetti dinner telling each other about their days.

As Sophie handed her mom a cupcake she held up her finger, “Wait, I have something else.”

“What? More?” Sara’s eyes sparkled with joy and Sophie smiled at her before running to her

room. She grabbed the small box off of her desk and bolted back down to her moms’ side.

“Here, I made this.” Sara smiled at Sophie and took the small box setting it front of her and

admiring the bow. She carefully untied the bow and opened it.

“Oh, Soph. He’s beautiful. Thank you so much.” Sara stood and hugged her daughter tightly,

“You are the best daughter in the world.” She laughed a few tears escaping her eyes.

“Happy birthday mom, I love you.” Sophie hugged her mom again fighting back her own tears of joy.

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