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So Death came by today...

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011




On his deathbed

Visitors came to bade

A solemn but silent farewell

For within they knew well

That he was certain to go to hell


The hour of death was upon Tim

Tear drops fell upon him

As if they washed away his sins

It was a strangely quiet din

As the Angel of Death crept in


Tim felt a chill

Time and space stood still

Words could not describe this feel

For to him this too was new

Then from the darkness "it" came to view


The spectral had looks that could kill

His beady eyes bore but Tim would not yield

It was a battle of wills, one that may come to nil

At long last Death spoke without ill

"I do hope you've had written your will"


The cacophony of sounds dissolved

It was just the devil and him

No one else was involved (Nor should)

Against Death you cannot win

Tim sighed, it would seem


Then his tacit eyes gleamed 

Lead me to the other realm!

Tim actually looked serene

As the lights of his life dimmed 

The shadows faintly masked Death's grin

"Very well. Come with me Tim."


On his deathbed

The visitors who came to bade

Too went for his wake

Not a sound did he make

Nor a breath would he take

As Tim laid there, dreamy as a lake

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