Forbidden Angel

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Just read it if you want! It randomly came to me, so I wrote it!

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



Blood stained the floor.

Stained my hands.

I looked down at the body beneath my feet,

then look at the knife in my right hand.


I did not kill this girl,

though I could've if I wanted to,

her death was not my doing,

as I looked at her.


Her face was pasty,

under the pale moonlight,

her eyes glinted like gems

an expression etched on her features.


Her hair was matted at her sides,

Death had come to her quick and easy.

Blood drenched the once raven black hair,

Now limp.


Her lips were vivid red,

partly open, as I hear her long gone scream,

Blood finding it's way to the corner of her mouth.

I kneel down and kiss her deformed face.


This Sleeping Beauty,

This Forbidden Angel.

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