Her new life

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In 1888, life was different and hard. Anything non-human had to hide their existence for fear of their life. But one person was fascinated by non-humans. How long she decides to dwell in the supernatural world will decide her fate.

Submitted: December 21, 2015

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Submitted: December 21, 2015



Everything around her was hazy. It was like someone else was in her body and she was a bystander looking in from the outside. She couldn’t believe the sight in front of her so her body went on autopilot. But it really wasn’t that she couldn’t believe what was happening, she just didn’t want to believe. Who would want to believe that their parents were trying to kill them.

But before we get to ahead of ourselves, let’s go back to the beginning to explain. It was 1888, a time when anything that resembled a monster was hunted down and killed for having the audacity to try to cohabitate in a town with humans. It was almost comical to think that humans could expand their minds to think that something other than human could actually exist on earth. Really, humans have been known for centuries to abhor anything they can’t explain and exterminate anything that threatens their way of existence.

I know I talk like that I’m one of those monsters, but believe it or not I did start out as a human once. Yet, unlike most of my brethren, I did not regard nonhumans as monsters but as something that was mysterious, almost magical. And you could guess that this way of thinking did not go over well with my family and town. They declared me a heretic, but they weren’t that far in their thinking to kill me, a human, over a simple reason as liking the monsters. That doesn’t mean though that I had a simple carefree life. No, I was regarded by others as someone who had a disease so I rarely had any interactions with the town folk.

My sister Annabelle, on the other hand though, was always living her life in order to please our parents. It didn’t matter that she might agree with me in my thinking. She would always side with my parents in public; therefore, I was alone in solace with no one to really connect with. My sister would come talk with me every now and then, but since she never stood up to our parents as I did, her company was bittersweet. I just wanted some companionship. Maybe that’s why I found a friend in the town witch, Lindy Lu. Though the town suspected she was a witch, there was no proof to support that theory so she was treated just like me.

She understood what I went through and sympathized with me. Over the years, she became my best friend, one who I shared everything with. With her help, I became acquainted with the supernatural world. I learned that there were all kinds of creatures in the world. Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, angels, and even demons. I only ever met a few over the years which made me ever so happy. But I should have known that nothing ever stays the same. Always be careful because if you look into the darkness, the darkness looks back. I had visited the darkness too long and it finally swallowed me up.

I had followed Lindy on one of her errands when a rogue vampire had suddenly showed up. You should know that every supernatural creature had a pact that it was illegal to harm a human. But no matter the race, there will always be some who will break the rules. Creatures who have broken the rules were called rogues.

Lindy ordered me to run, but I couldn’t outrun a vampire’s supernatural speed. Lindy chanted a spell in order to protect me but he sent her flying into the building next to us. I couldn’t move. My fright had made my body freeze up. I could only stand there in horror as I watched him slowly walk toward me with a smirk on his face. Knowing that I was going to die, I forced my body to move. I knew that if I couldn’t save myself I would do anything in my power to save my friend. She was the only one who ever befriended me, and I was not going to let some psychopath hurt her. Foolish my attempt was but it was enough. My feeble attempt to stake him with a rusty pipe off the ground only resulted in him grabbing me by the neck and tearing my throat open with his fangs.

My distraction was enough for my friend to pick herself off the ground and call for help. Being in the supernatural world, the help arrived in seconds. With my dimming vision, I could see that people had surrounded us demanding that the rogue release me. With my blood dripping down his face, he dropped me. It didn’t matter to me though, my whole body was numb, I couldn’t feel anything anymore. That should have scared me but my only concern was that my friend was safe and, though a little banged up, unharmed.

She kneeled next to me and I could see that she was crying. “Aww d-d-don’t c-c-cry,L-Little L-L-Lindy Lu . We b-b-both know t-t-that I wouldn’t h-h-have lasted in y-y-your world,” I gasped out around the blood gushing out of my mouth. “HELP HER!!” She demanded of one of the men that had surrounded us.

“Sweetheart, she’s already dying, there’s nothing we can do to help her.” He tried to reason with her. But she wouldn’t accept that answer. “I have done everything you have asked of me in the past, its past time that you did something for me, Lindy demanded. I don’t care if you have to turn her, but you save her RIGHT NOW.” I tired to tell her that I didn’t want to be turned into anything. I was more than willing to die right then because no matter how much of a fascination I had with the supernatural world, I wanted to stay human, even if that meant dying as one too. But choking on the blood gushing out of my mouth pretty much made that impossible.

Clearly unwilling to change me, the man looked at Lindy, “You know that its against the law to change humans, against their will no less. If we’re found out all of us will be killed, even you and I refuse to allow you to die.” I didn't know this man but even with my all my senses dimmed, I could tell that he loved her with the way he looked and spoke to her. With tears streaming down her face, “I don’t care if I die, just save her. She was willing to die for me so I’m wiling to die for her.”

Grabbing her face in his hands, “I know you’re willing to die for her, BUT I WILL NOT LET YOU TO DIE.” Glancing away from his eyes she told him that she didn’t care, she just wanted me to live. With that statement, it seemed as if he closed off his emotions. “Fine, I’ll save her.”

Turning around, he knelt down beside me and leaned in close, “You better be worth it because if she dies in order to save you, I’ll kill you myself.” Then he bit his arm and forced his blood down my throat. It felt like liquid fire was streaming through my body and the pain became unbearable. Quickly, I knew that I wasn’t going to last much longer. My vision blackened and I knew no more.

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