Wonderweiss One Shot (Bleach)

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Bleach is one of the many animes/mangas I watch/read.
Beach enjoy, for this is my Wonderweiss Margera one shot, and I wrote it on another website.

Submitted: December 05, 2009

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Submitted: December 05, 2009



Wonderweiss Margera

There was just something about that blond-haired, purple-eyed, Arrancar that made your heart beat faster.
Even though he wasn't the smartest guy around, you had a heart for him.

"Hana!" you could hear his voice call to you everyday. Since your name was a little hard for him to pronounce- Hanabi- you had him call you Hana.

"Wonder-kun!" you would smile at him as he would giggle and drag you everywhere with him.
Sometimes he would copy your movements.

Every time you did something, he'd do the same. He'd follow you to meetings, to your room, and sometimes... even the restrooms, which you would tell him to wait outside.

"No, no Wonder-kun. This is for ladies." you'd say.
He wouldn't really understand, but he would sometimes know when you need your privacy.

On one certain day, during the fall, it was fairly warm in Las Noches. You were just wandering around, with Wonderweiss behind you. Until, you felt a tug on your sleeve.

Wonderweiss stood at least a few inches taller than you (which, for you was a little odd), and gave you a look, seeming to ask if you would play a game with him.

You smiled. "Would you like to play Hide-N-Seek, Wonder-kun?" he nodded and giggled, making you giggle too.
"Alright, then. I'll count to 20, and you go hide." you said.

Wonderweiss didn't move, but instead tugged on your sleeve again, as to say, "Hide with me".
"Oh, so you want me to hide with you?"

He gave you another nod. You looked around, obviously trying to find someone who would seek for you. Your eyes landed on Starrk, who was looking tired as usual.

"Starrk-san!" you shouted, as he looked toward you. "Oh, Hanabi." He walked toward you and Wonderweiss, as you were thinking if he could walk any slower.

"Starrk-san, will you seek for us? Wonderweiss doesn't want to be alone when he's hiding."

Starrk had guessed you were playing Hide-N-Seek, which wasn't a surprise, knowing you and Wonderweiss liked to play games.

"Sure, whatever." he replied.

"C'mon, Wonder-kun!" you pulled Wonderweiss with you, but your eyes averted to Starrk, knowing he wouldn't actually look for you and Wonderweiss.
"1...2...3...4...5......6.........7............8............." He yawned, and drifted off to sleep.

It's been 10 minutes since you and Wonderweiss had been hiding, and you had noticed something about Wonderweiss. He seemed like he had something to tell you, but was too nervous.

"Hana?" he asked, his purple eyes looking into your turqoise ones.

"Yes, Wonder-kun?"


He looked away.

"What is it, Wonderweiss?"

"Wonderweiss...luff Hana."

You blinked.

"Wonderweiss, say that again."

"Wonderweiss luff Hana."

You blushed a deep crimson, as the words repeated over and over againin your head.

"Wonderweiss?" you asked as he looked at you again.

"Hana loves Wonderweiss."

You smiled as you could see a huge grin slowly making its way onto Wonderweiss's face.

"Hana luff Wonderweiss!?"

He asked in sheer happiness.

"Yep. Hana loves Wonderweiss!"

His arms wrapped around you in a tight hug, as you both giggled.

Outside the small closet you and Wonderweiss were hiding in, Starrk had a smile on his face as he walked away.
OK! ^^ Hope you enjoyed.

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