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This is my first story that I have ever written, it is unfinished because I am not sure if I should continue this or not. Could you guys tell me if this story seems interesting enough to continue? Thank you.

Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012




There I was, lying in bed staring at the dull and moldy ceiling of our cottage for what seems like ages. No matter how many times I try to shake off what has happened, the image of that blood covered tavern still haunts me every night.
The Tavern
I do wonder why my family chose to enter it that day, I remember father insisting on stopping at that tavern to rest from our long trip, mother telling him that we should go on since the walk back to our cottage was not much longer than half an hour. God how I wish my father wasn't as stubborn as he is, or was, I don't even know..
When we entered the tavern it looked like a really empty and boring place to spend the night, a large wooden staircase in the back of the hall and a single chair with the owner sitting on it, he was a man about my age, he had a face full of scars and a beard as thick as if he hadn't shaved for fifteen years. ''Good God, this place looks even worse on the inside than it does on the outside.'' Mother said. 
''Hush, it will have to do for the night.'' said Father as he approached the owner, he went to speak to him about renting a room, I think. A few minutes later father shaked the owner's hand as he handed him a bag of gold and brought back a large and rusty key, mother jokingly asked; ''Are we spending the night in a medieval castle? that key must be atleast a hundred years old!''. Father blankly stared at the key and put it in his pocket, not responding to mother's remark. As we walked up the old staircase the owner said; ''Could you folks do me a solid and keep a look out for a small pouch? my nephew lost it up there once and I haven't bothered to search for it yet.''. 
''You ask of us to search for something that your nephew has lost in your own tavern? how odd.'' Mother said. Father agreed to keep an eye out for this pouch and we continued walking upstairs. 
Up there was another small hallway with four rooms right next to each other, father unlocked the first room with the ridiculously large key and we headed on inside. There was not much to that room, apart from two beds and one table with a couple of chairs. Mother said; ''We can't possibly stay here, we're Hornegolds! we should just go home, it's not far from here anyway!''. Father sighed and said; ''Let us go to bed, so that this horrible experience may soon be over''.
The Light
I was running through a forest, breathing heavily. My intestines felt like they were on fire as I felt as if my legs were going to give up on me any second, I did not bother looking back for I did not want to see the horrifying terror that was trying to grab me. Up ahead I saw a blinking light, civilization? someone that might be able to kill this savage beast which was chasing me? I hopped over large puddles of mud as I sprinted towards the small blinking light, a beacon of hope. I was really close, I could smell food and feel the warmth of a campfire nearing. As I hopped over the last puddle of mud I could feel solid stone under my feet. A road! The blinking light grew larger as it filled me with hope. But then, it vanished.. everything vanished, the road that I was running on, the smell of food and the warmth, even the fear of whatever was chasing me was no longer there. I was floating, I finally felt safe even if I had no idea what the hell was happening.. I felt an incredible sensation coursing through my veins, almost as if I had died and went to heaven. I closed my eyes.
''Andrew? Andrew wake up boy!''
The Chest
As I opened my eyes I saw my father leaning over me, he seemed very grumpy. ''About time you woke up, it's eight o' clock in the morning. You've already lost half the day.'' he said.
-''Calm down father..''
He frowned, ''Are you telling me what to do, boy?''.
''Calm down Ed, just pack your bags you two. I want to get out of this stinkhole as fast as I can'' Mother said. Father mumbled.
I got out of bed and let out a big yawn, still thinking about that weird dream. As I was packing my bags I dropped my belt on the wooden floor, the golden belt buckle caused the fall to make an audible noise which could be heard from downstairs. ''Ha-ha!'' Father laughed. ''How do you expect to be a warrior one day when you cannot even keep a hold of your own belt?''
I ignored his taunting remark, a confrontation was what he was after anyway, and I was not going to be the one to give it to him.
As I bent over to pick up my belt I got a glimpse of something beneath my bed, I got down on both my knees and tried to grab it.
''What are you doing now?'' Father asked. I took a hold of whatever it was and pulled it out from underneath my bed, it appeared to be a chest with a red linen bow wrapped tightly around it. I blew off some dust and cobwebs and removed the bow, I tried to open it but it was secured with a sturdy bronze lock. ''What is that?'' Mother asked curiously. Father grabbed something from his coat and sat down next to me. ''This chest appears to be very old, looks like something from the Pirate ages.'' Father said. ''You figure the ridiculously sized key the bearded fella' gave me will do any good?''
''Give it a shot'' I replied. Without hesitation, Father inserted the key into the lock. A loud clanging noise filled the room as Father turned the key and the lock shattered. ''I stand corrected, this chest is REALLY really old.'' Father said jokingly. He opened the chest and inside was a small flintlock pistol resting on a smooth red fabric that covered the inside. You could tell the pistol hadn't been used before, judging by the state it was in. Father picked up the pistol and thoroughly inspected it. ''Is that not one of those weapons that those loathsome bandits use to rob traveling merchants?'' Mother asked. ''No..'' Father replied. ''This weapon is far too exquisite to be sold to just anyone, judging by the imprint on the grip this was constructed in Gold's Castellum. One does not enter that place without knowing some people.'' Mother seemed astonished. ''The Gold's Castellum? the city that captures noble children from all over the Realm and tosses them into their dungeons to rot?''.
Father scoffed. ''Old wives' tale.. anyhow, I should inform the bearded man about this. I presume he does not know about the chest as it was still sealed shut.'' Mother stood up. ''I'll come with, anything better than the putrid stank in this room. Andrew, you pack the rest of your belongings, we will be leaving soon.''
I quickly gathered all my clothing and walked out the door into the hallway. As I was about to walk down the staircase into the corridor I overheard my father speaking with the owner..

To be continued?
Is this story interesting enough to continue? advice would be greatly appreciated.
Please keep in mind that this is my first story I've ever written and English is not my main language.
Thank you.

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